Chapter 7 I love you? I guess?

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*Chapter 7 1:00 P.M*

"Let's Go On that ride," Ash said. We walked over. I got a text from Ace.

Convince everyone to go to the famous underground club in florida. There you will see a buff guy. He's 18. He runs the 4th largest gang. Our Mission Take Him Out!

I texted back an okay.

"Anyone up for a little clubbing tonight," I smirked.

"Is that even a question," Nix smirked.

"Great because I got us into one," I smiled.

"AWESOME," Nix said. We got into line. I looked around. I saw him.

"You guys, go on ahead. I need to use the bathroom. Ash can you come with," I said. Jace just shrugged.

"Okay," Val said. I ran out of the line. I followed the guy. I heard footsteps behind me. I cornered the guy in an ally.

"You lied babe," I smirked. He just shrugged.

"I had to use you. No heart feelings yea," Blake smirked.

"I hate liars. Babe," I said.

"You can't hurt me. You love me," He smirked.

"Wrong," I said. I threw the gun in the air and jumped. Ashlynn jumped and grabbed the gun. Then she shot him 5 times. He dropped to the ground.

"I hate you Blake. I knew you were going to betray me," I said. Axel walked out and grabbed him.

"Get rid of him. Also remember to bring back up at the club," I said. He nodded and left. I fived Ash. She handed me my gun and I put it back in my holster. We walked out the ally. The whole park was in panic. I sighed. The manager was trying to calm down. I grabbed the mic and got on stage. I started singing I will always love you. They calmed down. They gathered around the stage and cheered when I was done. I pulled out my badge.

"There's no need for panic. I'm Valentina Montoya. I work for the Special Agent Agency. My partner and I were here to capture a criminal. He has been captured and sent away. You are all safe and there is nothing to worry about," I said. They cheered and walked away. Ash and I walked back to the group.

"My work is never done Nix," I smirked.

"Was it him," He asked.

"It was him," I whispered.

"You did the right thing," He said. I nodded.

"Let's go on that ride," Roxy cheered. We walked over to the ride.

*10:00 P.M*

We were in the club. I walked up to the bar. I finished my drink. Soon I felt a hand around my waist. I looked next to me. Perfect My next target. I smiled.

"Hey. How about you and me go to my booth," He smiled. I followed him to the VIP rooms. We walked outside to a room. It was Kade, Jax and Viktor's room. I smiled at him. I pulled my gun out.

"I heard about your little affairs. You have a wife and your cheating on her with multiple women. I despise men like that," I sneered. He laughed.

"What's a little girl like you going to do," He laughed.

"Ever heard of the name. Montoya," I smirked. His face went pale.

"MSA," He said. I nodded.

"Now guess who I am," I smirked.

"Valentina Montoya. Twin of Phoenix Montoya. The top 2 of all agents," He breathed.

"That's right Babe. Now give me 1 reason on why I should spare you," I said. He stayed quiet. I pointed my gun at him. I put the silencer on. I shot him 4 times. He fell to the ground. Axel and 3 other of my men came out. They took him away.

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