So this is my first time writing a story so it's probably not very good but i hope you like it. This story will contain some sex and violence, there's the warning :) enjoy xx

The picture is of Grace xx

Chapter 1

It’s the last day of summer and tomorrow I have to go back to that hell whole they call high school. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m one of those kids that doesn’t actually mind school but the thought of going back for my senior year scares me. This is the year everyone is going to remember and the year you make big decisions, decisions that stay with you for the rest of your life; college, career paths, exams. It’s just like having your future thrust upon you, a future I would rather not think about for a while. So as I lay in my garden making most of the sunshine, I thought about what senior year would bring me, and boy was I in for a rough year.

“Beep, beep!”  Is all I heard, I knew straight away it was coming from my rather annoying alarm clock. I threw my hand up to try and shut it off but missed and ended up falling flat on my face and onto the cold surface which was, of course, my wooden floor. I got up and muttered to myself about how this was just what I needed to happen the first day back, I could then tell that today was going to be a long day. I mean I should know by now how clumsy I am and how I’m always the one it happens to but it still doesn’t reassure me.

I went to turn on my shower; while the water was heating up I went to choose my outfit for today. It didn’t look to cold outside so I went with my blue washed out skinnies and a simple checked shirt and cardigan. By the time I had chosen the water was nice and hot. After my shower and I’d got dressed I did my make-up and hair. I decided not to put a lot on and just went with mascara and little eyeliner. I decided to blow dry my blonde hair instead of letting it dry to my natural frizz, when I was done I examined myself in the mirror and thought I looked good for the first day back. I grabbed my tote from the side of my bed, slipped on my vans and took my car keys from my cupboard and headed downstairs.

By the time I got down the stairs my sister Darcy had her hair and makeup perfect and was casually eating her breakfast. Darcy was unbelievably pretty for 15 and had dark brown hair and an amazing fashion sense; sometimes people didn’t even think we were related considering we were poles apart. Mum was just on her way out the door when she saw me “morning Grace don’t worry about doing me dinner tonight I’ve got stay late for a meeting, love you” “yeah love you to, bye Mum”.  The thing about my Mum is she always works. She has since I can remember, she is always away on conference calls and I usually look after Darcy. Mum is never really around most of the time so it was usually just me and Darcy. I mean Mum did care about us but I sometimes get the impression it would be easier if we weren’t around. See the thing is, my Mum got pregnant with me when she was just breaking in to the business world and it didn’t help that my “Dad” had just left her. Anyway, she had me and a couple of years later, she met my step-dad Dale. Dale was lovely and I consider him to be my real dad, he has always been there for me and made us feel like a proper family. When Darcy came along everything was going so well. We had a great family unit. When I was 6 and Darcy was 4 we moved to America and now live in California. We moved because mum was given a great job over here and Dale too. We found the house it had 5 bedrooms 3 en suites and was perfect for our family. The thing is about a year ago things started going downhill, Mum and Dale were arguing all the time and it turned out he had met someone else, someone who he loved. Now don’t get me wrong I hated what he had done to Mum but he was now happy and everyone deserves that. So now Darcy goes to stay every other weekend and sometimes for weeks, I don’t go though. It somehow feels weird seeing as we are not actually related. So mum tries going on dates and stuff but its awkward when you have a 17 year old daughter who's always at home.

Anyway I looked at the time and decided I had time to pop in some toast before having to leave for school. When it had popped I buttered it and spread the best thing ever on them; marmite. After I’d eaten I grabbed my tote from the floor and yelled to Darcy “Darcy do you want a lift?” “Nah, I’ll be fine and walk” “suit yourself then, make sure you lock up”.

I walked out and stood and looked at my car. I loved my car and actually cried when mum had bought it for my birthday. It was a black mini cooper with 2 white racing stripes on it. My mum earned a lot so we never really worried about money but I almost killed her when I found out how much she spent on it, not that I wasn’t grateful. It was my first time in driving it for a while, as it was summer me and the gang would just walk everywhere, or just be lazing around outdoors, so I was looking forward to driving my baby.

I got in and chucked my tote in the back, I plugged my iPhone into the dock and my chemical romance's 'Sing' came on. I wouldn’t say I was amazing singer but I was ok, so I started singing my heart out, something I usually did when no one was around. About 5 minutes into the drive I stopped at my friend Amanda’s house. We always drove in together, unless it was a rare occasion. “Honk Honk” my car went. Just as it did Amanda came running and jumped in and gave me an automatic hug that I reciprocated. Amanda was tall, slim and had long dark brown hair. She was also very pretty and all the boys at our school loved her. She was almost my complete opposite. I mean I had medium length blonde hair, I was quite small at 5 ft. 2 but I was quite slim and had an okay figure. When I first moved here and it was my first day me and her just clicked and have been best friends since then. “Heya ma bumchum” Amanda said after our hug. “Hey Manda you ready for another year at the hell hole?” she laughed “yeah I am, it will be different this year though as we are seniors” “good point, you always were the smart one” it’s true though Amanda was like a straight A student and in all AP classes, unlike me who was only in a few. “Anyway how are you and Isaac?” oh Isaac is Amanda’s boyfriend; they got together during the summer. “yeah me and him are really good thanks, he was over like every day in the summer. I’m making it my personal mission to get you a boyfriend this year.”  “Awwww glad things are going well hun, but you know I don’t really believe in love after Dad and Dale, I don’t want you to feel bad when you fail this mission” I said with a small smile “trust me I won’t” is all she said with a serious glint in her eye. Oh boy!

i know the first chapter isn't that intresting but it gets better (i hope) lol just had to get this boring one out the way,

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