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Well.. hello there , i am max anderson smith , and this is my best friend blossom flowers. We are not your typtical person. We have our 3 other friends. Alexandra Stevenson , Timothy Sacdalan and Ronnie Tommingson

We protect the world from danger. but when we save the Earth. Nobody really knows. Think of it as another dimenson. But when that dimenson gets destroyed. The Earth also will be destroyed. We are chosen to protect the earth. Along with other people

But we eventually became enemies because of an argument we had. Now when we meet in that dimension. We actually have hand to hand combat. More like weapon to weapon combat.
Am i right blossom?

Well. Technically. Yes , we all have our ups and downs. But we will still be okay at the end. AS LONG AS THERES FLOWERS AROUND.

Haha. Blossom actually really likes flowers. So please forgive her.

So as we continue our school lives and Corinthians high school or CHS at Chloridio City. We wait until the dimensional portal awakens for another quest. I usually call the others if we need to battle and i gather the information of the quest. While blossom gathers the location of the quest and time of attack

If you're wondering what is the dimension called. Well it is called the Spirit dimension. It may be called as simple as that. But if you go there with no knowledge. Your dead meat son

Our journey , faith , destiny.

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