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“I’m not hungry.”

“Don’t make me force feed you.”

She looked at him, he seemed dead serious and that is what made her sit up and accept the bowl from his hand. He attentively kept his gaze on her. She ate the first spoon and she had to admit that it tasted pretty good. Once he was satisfied that she was almost done, he got up from her bed and walked into her bathroom. She had no idea what he was doing until she heard the bath being filled with water. Moments later he came out and took the bowl from her.

“I have run you a bath, it will help you to relax and soothe some of the pain. If you need anything, I will be in the kitchen. And don’t make me come back in here and put you in that bath Azania.”

He walked out of the room before she could respond. She somehow believed that he would do just that. DeAndre Morgan did not strike her as a man who made empty treats. A few moments later she lowered her naked body into the bath filled with hot scented water and her favorite bubble bath. She hated to admit it but this was just what her body needed. It was therapeutic. She stayed in the bath until the steaming water had turned cold and her skin was wrinkled. She got out and dried her skin. She walked into her room and got dressed in some sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt. It’s not like she could put on her pj’s when she had company. Just as she was about to make her bed, DeAndre walked back into her room.

“Thank you” she said. “It helped a lot.”

“You’re welcome” he said before handing her some painkillers and a glass of water.

While she was drinking the pills, he took the initiative to make her bed. When he pulled of the covers from the bed, a blood stain was revealed in the center of her bed. She did not notice it before. She scrambled to grab the covers from his hand to cover her shame but he would not let them go.

“Azania it’s ok, sit down and I will take care of this. Where is your washer and dryer?” he asked and continued to strip her bed and take control like he has been doing since the moment he arrived.

“Next to the bathroom” she replied weakly. She was too embarrassed to fight him over her stained sheets. She went to hallway closet and got some clean linen. She had just finished making her bed when he walked back into her room.

“I would have done that” he said.

“You have done enough.” That came out harsher than she intended it to sound but she was PMS-ing and here he was invading her personal space, seeing her shame and it was too much for her. Her emotions were too raw right now, she couldn’t hide behind her mask like she usually does. He shouldn’t be here. He shouldn’t be taking care of her like this. He shouldn’t be invading her world like he belonged in her life because she wouldn’t be able to fix her heart the moment he broke it. She slumped down on the bed and burst out in tears.

Seconds later she was pulled into his embrace. She missed being this close to him, at this place where she could hear his heart beat. She wrapped her arms around him and cried harder. She was in love with DeAndre and the thought of him not feeling the same hurt her to the core.

“Azania what is wrong?” he asked prying her body away from his to look into her eyes.

She pried herself out of the comfort of his embrace and turned away from him. “Nothing.”

“You can’t cry like that and tell me that nothing is wrong” he exclaimed.  He reached for her and turned her around. “What-”

She did the thing that she wanted to do for a very long time. She stood on her toes, wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips against his. She has been longing to do this for the longest time.

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