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So this quick little thing might seem a bit morbid, but I was angry so I just thought this would be good for another book. So don't copy because this was all my twisted mind at work in my throws of rage.

The Kings 

All the wolves lined in a rows facing their opponents. Silence was spread across the plains, as the King of the wolves stared down the King of the Rogues. The rouges attacked first, charging directly for the kings men. The command came in through clear from their king Kill All then nothing. Their king charges first, then came the thousands of wolves behind him. All his best warriors, assassins, and gunmen. The war had begun. Gunshots could be heard across the plains, the smell of death wafted through the air, howls and growls could be heard all around. Their king fought relentlessly, for he had one thing on his mind. Vengeance... for his family, his friends, his pack, but most of all for his soul mate.

A rouge pounced on the kings back as he was fighting off two others. He quickly snapped the neck of the first one in front of him with his jaws only relaxing we he tasted the all familiar metallic flavor of his enemies blood, the second wolf was sliced open with his razor sharp claws. The rouge that was on his back he let try at first but he soon flipped them so he was crushing the rouge with mere muscle mass. He quickly flipped himself back over so not to seem weak, and snapped its neck, and charged back into the field. He soon morphed back into his human form, sword in hand, he has tasted their blood, now  he wanted to feel their blood on his hands,and  on his skin. A rouge charged at him as he quickly raised his sword, plunging it in the rouges neck, decapitating it, finding pleasure in the sickening crack it made. Their king let out a dark laugh, the war was over in what felt like seconds. Thousands upon thousands of rouges blood washed his plains red with their crimson blood. The King shifted into his beautiful midnight black wolf, and howled a long beautiful song of victory. Soon his warriors joined him and together they sang the song that was meant to be happy, but deep down they were mourning their fallen Luna.

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