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"Lilly," Luke whispers, leaning next to my ear, "it's you."

The last words Luke had said to me before he left my house Wednesday kept running through my mind, preventing me from sleeping. All that I could think about was the possibility that it was because of me that we almost lost the game. What if he saw me kiss Dylan?

I feel like such a jerk.

I glance around my room at my 3 friends who were all still chatting about different things. All of it was juicy gossip that I honestly didn't care a whole lot about.

"Hey Lilly, can I ask you a question?" Cassie asks looking away from Tae and Kelsey and towards me. "Are you dating Dylan?"

What? I sit up in my bed; looking over at the 3 of them. "What? No."

"Good, because you know he has a girlfriend right?" Cassie informs me.

My eyes went wide. She wouldn't lie about something like that, but how would she possibly know he's got a girlfriend? "Why would he kiss me if has a girlfriend? Why did he ask me out on a date?"

He may be cocky and have a big ego, but he wouldn't cheat. Would he?

Cassie lets out a sigh. "I don't know, but Dylan Olson is dating Madison's cousin." She pulls out her phone, quickly typing something on it, "Look, that's him and her on Thursday. Do just friends kiss? Especially like that?"

There was no denying the fact that that was definitely Dylan in the picture. It was him and apparently his girlfriend he lied about having. I don't understand why he would lie to me. He told me that his supposed to be ex girlfriend didn't like the idea of not living super close to him. Why would he lie?

The pictures an older picture. That's not the haircut he has right now...

That picture wasn't from Thursday.

"Wait," I say slowly, deciding to play along with her little scheme; whatever that was. "So he's dating Madison's cousin?"

Kelsey nods. "Yeah. Her name is Olivia King. Their Dad's are brothers so they even have the same last name."

Tae bites her lip, attempting to give me her most supportive smile. You could tell that there was something she was hiding. All of them. They all knew something that they aren't telling me.


I didn't know what else to say. That picture wasn't from Thursday. It couldn't have been.

I stood up from my bed, heading towards the door.

Kelsey raises an eyebrow at me questioningly. "Where are you going?"

Judging by the expression on her face, she must have thought I was up to something. Laughing, I open the door. "Relax, I'm just going to the bathroom and to get a drink of water."


I roll my eyes, leaving the room quickly and making sure to shut the door behind me.

Tomorrow I'm going to talk to Dylan and see what's really going on- if anything. For all I know my friends could just be trying to cause drama. Either way, I'm going to find out the truth.
"Can we talk a second?" I say, walking across my lawn over to Dylan's. I noticed Dylan walking down his driveway to get the mail and decided now was as good as a time to talk to him and set things straight.

Dylan turns his head to look over his shoulder at me. A small smile pulls at the corners of his lips. "Hey Lilly."

I fasten my pace to catch up with him. "I need to ask you something, but you have to promise to tell the truth."

"Am I in trouble for something?" Dylan jokes, giving me a sly grin.

"Not yet."

He stops, turning to face me. "Okay what's going on? Yesterday you wanted to kiss me and today you are acting like I did something to make you mad."

A long sigh leaves my lips. I felt awkward telling him that my friends put this idea in my head that you might have a girlfriend that you're cheating on, but it was bothering me so I had to bring it up.

"Are you dating Olivia?"

Just rip off the band aid.

Dylan raises an eyebrow at me questioningly. "How do you know about Olivia?" His lips turn up into a smile, "were you stalking me?"

My stomach dropped and suddenly I felt like I was going to puke. My face undeniably showed disappointment. "So you are dating her?"

"What? No. Who told you that?" Dylan laughs. He laughs. As if this whole thing were some kind of joke, he laughs.

"Does it really matter?" I ask, crossing my arms sassily.

Dylan sighs, putting his hands on my shoulders and looking me straight in the eye. "I'm not dating Olivia. She's my ex. Ex meaning no longer together."

"How do I know you're not lying?" I mumble, looking down at my feet to break the eye contact.

"I wouldn't cheat."

I sigh looking back up at him. What was I thinking, I knew he wasn't the type of guy who would cheat.

Dylan takes a step towards me, "What made you think I was dating Olivia?"

My friends.

"Nothing. I didn't think you were dating her, it's just my friends they showed me this picture of you and her kissing and I was worried at first that you were dating her but then I realized that your hair was a lot longer in that picture which meant that it wasn't recent and-"

Dylan cut me off an amused grin on his face. "Lilly."

I feel my cheeks heat up as my eyes met his. The amused look on his face reminded me so much of the look that always seems to be on Luke's face when I'm with him.


He turns around to get the mail leaving me feeling like an idiot for even bringing up Olivia to him.

"I'm sorry," I say again as I rock backwards on my heels awkwardly. "I shouldn't have even mentioned it. I don't care even if you are with her. I mean it's not like we are dating."

Dylan chuckles, pulling the mail out of the mailbox. "No, we aren't."

"I'm really sorry."

He sighs, turning to face me after closing the mailbox. "Don't worry about it. I should really get back inside. I've got plans to get ready for."

I nod, mentally cursing myself for being such an idiot. "Okay. Goodbye."

"Goodbye Lilly." He gives me a comforting smile before walking back up his driveway to his house.

Why am I such an idiot? I swear it's like I ruin every friendship I have with a guy. Right now I'm 0-2.

I need a lesson on how to talk to boys.

What are you guys thoughts on Dylan? Good? Or bad?





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