Chapter 15

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I woke up and felt a sharp pain in my shoulder.I grouted and saw that i was chained and a knife was in my shoulder. Elizabeth stood there in the corner crying. She heard me and stood up. Walked over to me and fell . She Stood back up slowly took the knife out. She did this without hesitation but was still crying.

So he must have been in control of her body the whole time. That's why she said help me. But she still has control over her own mind. But her eyes weren't dull and her aroma wasn't different. So how?

I was grunting and closing my eyes to stop the screaming. She stabbed me this time in the shoulder. She laughed and so did the puppeteer. I knew I saw going to be tortured to death. And to be honest I was okay with that, at least I got to see Elizabeth.

I'll see you again......... I heard her voice. I remembered the promise i made to Elizabeth. We would keep running the bar together. I swear on all the goddesses. I ripped out of the chains and pinned elizabeth on the wall. I took her key and unlocked myself.Then chained her where I was so she couldn't move. I hate to do it but she wasn't herself and I couldn't risk her getting stuck between cross fire. I was going to have a long talk with this puppeteer.

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