"Don't be scared.. We're here as your friends." He said. You slowly remove your hands to look at them who were confused and curious about you.

"Eh? Why is her eyes like that?" Said the Chica. "She looks even more cute~" he chuckled. "Neh~ Do you want to play with us? Oh wait!" The Freddy started to scratch his head.

"Could you give us name as Bonnie has? I mean, Nagisa. Its unfair that Nagisa only has~!" The Foxy suggested as his red hair covered his eyes making him blew it up. His eye patch that covers his eyes making him irritated."Hmp, why do I have an eye patch in the first place?"

"Uhm.. I know that you might found us weird but, we are actually robots who are moving around midnight. Not to scare people.." The blue costumed Bonnie whispered in your ears sending you goosebumps.

"O-okay.." Then the red haired guy who was costumed as Foxy, removed his head mask revealing his human making your eyes wide,"Eh?!"

Confused because of the world, you collapsed all of sudden. Thankfully, Nagisa was there to catch you. The robots started to panic. The Chica tried to wake you up but you couldn't so he dance his chicken dance and it failed. "Wahh~ Is she dead? She didn't even give me a name!" He pouted.

"We better bring her to her office before 6am come!" The Freddy said and they all nodded except for the one who was given by a name, Nagisa. He stared at your face and automatically giggled. The robots were surprise of the sudden action he made. "Are you.. Giggling?"

"Oh? Is that giggling?" Nagisa tilted his head. "Hey guys! How are we supposed to carry her back to office?" Asked the Foxy. The Chicago automatically made his check sign moving it to his chin, "Actually, to girls if they--"

"Okay,okay, no one will hand her to you." The Freddy sighed. The blue headed had no other choice but carry (first name) back to her office.


(First name) opened her eyes and see a familiar place. "How did I.. Get back here?" She look at her wrist to look at her watch. "6am?" She suddenly got back to her senses and look intently at the monitors.

She sighed in relief, "Wow.. A dream." She look at the robots that she thought it moved last night. Her eyes darted to the blue one who she named as Nagisa. Then she look at the other robots who were smiling. She gulped on how creepy her dream was. "Why do they need a name? How weird."

Her usual routine started again until midnight comes. She sighed again and again looking at the monitors with her heavy eye bugs. She only sleep for 5 hours in a day and woke up in the night to her office. She took a sip of her coffee as she stood up to look at the room.

"How weird.. But I would be glad to gave them a name. Foxy will be Akabane Karma, because he looks kind of cute but weird. Chica will be Maehara Hiroto because he looks like a maniac. Freddy is calm and looks nice, Isogai Yuuma then?"

Talking to herself to the robots, she smiled and poke the cute Bonnie. The skin suddenly change into a soft ones. Your eyes widen in surprise and let go of your hands through his cheeks. Still confused, you stare at his blue eyes that were shinning with a soft smile on his face. "Hello.."

"She gave us names! Yehey!!" The yellow headed started jumping all over on a maximum level of happiness. "Hmm.. I guess she didn't for got us. And if she didnt, I'll visit her funeral."

You gulped at the Foxy, "M-Maybe its better to rename y-you as the.."

"May we know who you are?" The Freddy asked and you gulped again. "(L-last name),(first name).." Introducing yourself although you're curious about them. "This is just a dream." You mumbled as you bow your head.

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