Under The Influence

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April 9 Friday


She rolled her eyes as she continued to stare monotonously at her homeroom teacher. The woman was short and round with a chubby face to match. Average looking spectacles hung low on her button nose. Her lips were pressed tightly together in a tight line and her eyebrows were knitted together. Her patience's was running low as the students continued to not pay attention to what she was saying. Erin could only chuckle bitterly at the old woman's frustration.

Finally, she had enough and ordered the class to clear their desk; they were having a pop quiz. There were groans heard from all over. The teacher called Kei over and instructed him to distribute the test sheet to the class. Erin was so wrapped up in her thoughts, she didn't notice when Kei placed the sheet on top of her desk. When everyone had their test paper; the teacher told them to begin and that they only had ten minutes to complete the quiz.

Snapping out of her thoughts, Erin quickly began to answer the questions. She couldn't help, but snigger at how easy the quiz was; only took her about five minutes to finish. Shortly, the bell went off. Erin swiftly collected her stuff and shuffled out the room and down the hall to the lunchroom.

She sat with her tray of food and began to eat her sandwich. A few minutes later, Page, Sora, and Terra joined Erin.

"So I was thinking," Page began to say, but Sora interrupted her.

"About?" Sora asked excitedly.

Page glared playfully at the redhead, "As I was saying, I was thinking Erin and I should throw a party this weekend."

Erin was in between swallowing and chewing when she began to choke. Quickly downing her bottle of water, she stared at Page, "What?"

"Are you okay?" Page asked worriedly.

"Yes, yes I'm fine. What about a party?"

"Why don't we throw a party this weekend? Your mom isn't home to tell you otherwise so why not?" Page explained, mimicking Sora.

Erin thought about it. 'A party does sound like a lot of fun.'

"Err... I guess we can-"

"PARTY AT ERIN'S HOUSE!" Page yelled out loudly for everyone to hear. Shortly after, the crowd began to cheer while Erin groaned.


April 10 Saturday


The atmosphere was hot and heavy. Bodies covered with sweat swayed and grinded against one another, their movement matching the fast-paced rhythm of the music that blasted throughout the speakers. The alcohol began to dominate their senses. All they knew was what they felt and heard and nothing else.

Erin pushed against the crowed trying to get to the other side of the room. The bell continued to ring. Around Nine o'clock Erin had sent the worker's home. So now it fell upon Erin to allow the people in. Finally, squeezing out of the huge group of hormone driven teenagers, she ran towards the door speedily.

She gripped the doorknob and yanked it opened, glaring at whoever it was. She wasn't even surprised to see the twins standing there, both wearing identical devilish smirks.

"Took you long enough."

And without another word, they sidestepped around her and walked inside, joining the crazed teens in the dinning hall.

She growled under her breath while closing the door, but a foot stopped it. Erin looked at the foot and then at the owner. A smile instantly spread across her face. She pulled the door opened and embraced Hunny, who chuckled and wrapped his arms around her slim waist.

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