Chapter 2 ~ Three Years

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Chapter 2 ~ Three Years ~

I woke with a loud gasp of shock.

“Finally you've come to. We thought we lost you child.” My eyes fell on an elderly woman looking at me tenderly. I attempted to curl away from her hand but a bright green wall prevented me from escaping.

“Don't treat her so kindly Gretta, you know Master Carthwrite wouldn't like it.” Lyle's voice startled me, making my head slam into the unforgiving wall. Clenching my teeth so hard I started to get a headache, I looked around the room to find him standing in the adjacent corner from me. He looked at me with the same pity as he had when I first saw him, but his face didn't betray him like his eyes.

“Calm down Lyle, can't you see she's scared.” Looking back and forth between them, I decided they were married. Both having rings on their left hands and staring at each other with loving eyes. I looked away, feeling like I was disturbing a moment they were sharing.

“Master Carthwrite wants her in his office by four in tip-top shape.” Lyle informed Gretta. I could feel her eyes fall upon me.

“Tip-top shape? Look what he's done. Her cuts will take days to heal. All I can do is put ointment on them and give her some aspirin if she's not feeling well. She needs a good meal as well.” My ears perked at the thought of having a decent meal. I hadn't had one in what felt like ages. “How old are you, dear?” I just stared at her. Minutes passed before she sighed in defeat and left the room, promising to be back with a change of clothes.

“Listen to me girl.” I jumped, my head banging into the wall once again, frightened by Lyle's sudden closeness. “You may be able to not answer my wife because she knows better than to pry but if you do that in Master Carthwrite's presence he will not hesitate to hurt you. You belong to him now and you will follow his every command. If you haven't heard about the last few girls, do not be as ignorant to my words as they were. My advice to you is vital if you wish to survive. He will seem cruel to you, as you are branded to him, but it's because you are just a mere girl to him he can replace. Show him you are worth something. You hold something more than the rest of the girls he was given; you can take a beating. He can't stand the company of a weakling.”

He searched my eyes with his blue ones, looking for some sort of reaction. My eyes flitted back and forth between his, absorbing his warnings, knowing he wasn't joking.

“Don't stutter or cry or whimper, you will be fish food otherwise.” I shivered, Mr. Carthwrite's words coming back to mind.

'Let's just say, 'my sharks had quite the feast'.'

“Finally a reaction, for a minute, I thought you were in shock.” I pulled back from his hand coming towards my face, for fear of him hitting me. “I won't hit you, I'm just trying to get a look at this cut on your cheek and forehead. They look deep enough they'll probably be scars.” I closed my eyes, not believing his lie for one moment. All men lied; I learned that the hard way.

“Lyle, what are you doing? Can't you see you scared her!” My eyes opened to see her pushing him away from me. “Here child, there's a bathroom in the next room.” Bathroom? I could feel my eyes brightening. I tried to find the strength to lift myself off the bed, but it was pointless. My cracked feet wouldn't hold me. I wondered why I'd always find the strength to move when I was scared, but I guessed it was the fear that made me find it.

“Here, I'll help you. You're too weak to walk by yourself.” Gretta's arms circled my waist and I shivered in fear while she pulled me up.

“You better pray she finds the strength before she goes to see Master Carthwrite, or he will not be pleased.” Lyle's eyes met mine in warning. I gave him credit for telling me the flat out truth and secretly hoped I would find the strength. I wanted to survive; I didn't go through all this stuff just to let myself die.

“Shush Lyle.” I had the urge to smile at Gretta as Lyle looked at her with child-like innocence, but didn't. I couldn't afford to be kind if I was to survive.

I scouted down the hall and stared at the bend in the end of the hallway, wondering what it led to, while Gretta pulled me into the bathroom.

“You're too light child. I'm gonna make sure you get food from now on, you hear?” I blinked once, watching her caring face. I turned away not being able to stand the way she looked at me; as if I was her daughter. “I'll run you a bath so that we don't have to worry about the water hitting your cuts. You've had enough pain as it is.” She continued, not noticing my reaction.

She gingerly placed me on a chair and ran the water for a bath. I couldn't wait to be clean of the grim from the cold tiled floors of that awful prison. Gretta helped me out of my tattered nightgown and into the warm water. Different scents filled my nose while she dumped in different bath salts, telling me she hoped to get the dirty smell off my skin.

The salts made my cuts sting, but I was just content with the thought of being clean that I didn't really notice. Gretta ran a brush through my knotted hair. After a few minutes, she gave up on being careful because it would hurt no matter what way she ran the brush.

“I'm sorry for tugging so hard on your hair, but it needed it.” She apologized after getting the last few tangles out. I was surprised that it went past my chest and flowed down to the bottom of my waist. My hair couldn't have grown that fast. It was cut so close to my head when I had first been taken.

“What year is it?” I found myself asking before I could stop myself. Gretta seemed startled, but answered me back. I let out a soft gasp when she told me.

Three years. I had been in that prison for a little over three years.


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