chapter 1. Sakura High School

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"Your being watched..."
"Every move you make..."
"Every step you take..."

"Im watching you..."

I screamed after waking from that terrible nightmare "wow, what a crazy dream" I stated In my mind noticing I had tears and sweat all over my face. I looked down and noticed I was in my comfy (f/c) bed. "I really need to get back to sl- " I was interrupted when the heard my mom yell " wake up (y/n) it's time to get ready for school". she does this every morning. "OK I'm up" I yelled back.

(At breakfast)
"OK are you are a day for your first day at school" she asked sitting my plate down with (f/b) "yes mom, I'm ready, I've got every thing I need" I stated trying to make her less worried. She then just gave me a look "OK well you need to go, good luck" she said shoving a peice of toast in my mouth and pushing me out the door with no hesatation. I started running till I saw the front of my school in view. " why is my school so far away" I yelled still having the toast in my mouth.
After some more running I was finally at the front of the school. I could see the name of the school in big fat letters its called "sakura high school"
I took another look, and onther step before realizing i didnt look and tripped on something causing me to land on someone knocking me and the other person to the ground

"Well now you srewed it up (y/n)"

Well I didn't know what to expect from writing this chapter I hope you liked it!! I love all of my readers and sorry that it is short!

Meesiao Chan

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