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You need a good story to get votes and fans on Wattpad. How do you write a good story? I’ll tell you:

Start off by choosing a character. Remember to add the following about your character:





Physical Features (Hair, eyes, height, etc.):

Personal Characterizations (experiences, personality, etc.):

Relationships (Family, friends, boy/girl friends):

Remember to add more about them, but this is just an outline.

Next, you need to think of a plot. What is the problem your character is going to face? You need a problem in every story to make it interesting. Without a problem, it’s just their basic life, which is boring. So think of a problem for your character to face. By doing this you are making your story a whole lot more interesting, and your audience will be more eager to read it to see if your character will solve this problem and how he or she will cope with it.

There are obviously a few more things here to do to make your story successful, such as description, length, genre, etc. Just remember the basics and make your story different.

(Seriously… How many times do you think I’ve said “different”? I'm even getting sick of that word... And I'm writting this!)

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