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Bad Boy's P.O.V

It has been three weeks of detention with Prankster but we still had another month left due to our pranks we pulled on each science teacher and then the time we flooded the school halls with paint water which caused a riot but I had to admit detention with Prankster was fun. As much as I hated to admit it I really liked Prankster and part of me wishes I could be different.

I wish I wasn't thought of as being this 'Bad ass' guy who is only known for making out with different girls each day and the guy who is an apparent alcoholic and druggie who only hangs out with Baxter his partner in crime.

All of that was fake but them stories gave me a reputation and made me well known but now I wish I wasn't well known, I want to be the guy I used to be. The guy who would hang out with Prankster at the park till eight o'clock whilst eating millions and ranting about our teachers or our crushes which would last a week.

The sad thing was Prankster was my first kiss, at the age of eight we were both innocent and chubby little things wondering what on earth a kiss was so we decided to be each other's first kiss and it was pretty stupid but looking back on it now makes me laugh, we have both changed so much.

"Hello? Earth to Bad Boy. What were you thinking about? You zoned out again. Detention is nearly over!" Prankster told me smirking causing me to get out of my trance I was in for a minute.

"Sorry, I was just thinking about something. Hey how about after detention we go to the cinema to watch that new horror?" I asked Prankster causing her to nod her head before punching my arm.

"Jeez I think I'm turning you soft Bad Boy, and sure I'd love that but afterwards can you drop me off at Baxter's because he said he's taking me out for a meal?" Prankster asked me causing my fists to automatically clench and a weird feeling rushed through me making me shiver and feel un-comfortable, was I jealous?

"We don't have to go at all if you don't want to. I'll just take you to Baxter's" I told her with a cool and not bothered tone but inside I was fuming, Baxter would crush her and just use her for his reputation. He was worse than me; he slept with girls like they were trash and would make girls fall in love with him then he'd break up with them in the blink of an eye.

"Nope, you invited me to the cinema so I'll go. Anyway I'd much rather watch a movie and sit around in joggers than go out for a romantic meal. Who do you think I am? The Queen?" Prankster asked causing me to laugh, she always knew how to make me laugh and I knew she wouldn't like Baxter's fancy meal, she was more of an adventurous girl who loved to go mini golfing or to go rock climbing but a fancy dinner for her was a no.


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