Chapter 30

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Mom wasn't letting me out of the room.

"Please mom" I pleaded sitting on the bed.

"Look Emily, I can't let you out. Your going to be in heat for a couple of days, and all of these men are going to stare at you!" Mom finally explained


"It's when you feel- I don't know how to explain it properly. It's like you want to be with your mate all the time. Extreme Desire" she said and I blushed.

"Oh" I muttered and she nodded

"I know! Weird right? But you want your mate more in these days. And all the un mated, mates want you. So I just want you to be safe. You can come out, but the thing is once a guy come into this house, I want you to go upstairs to your room and lock your door okay" she said and I nodded

"Emily, I have to tell you something" she stopped me from getting up


"Your pregnant"

"I know mom" I replied confused

"No Emily. Your first baby, it didn't die" she muttered


"When I hugged you yesterday, that's when I found out. Remember my powers? With that" she explained

"So the baby is still there? But I thought I was already pregnant " I mumbled touching my stomach

"Yes, but you weren't. Kayden checked you right? So he must of thought it was the same"

"But Ben said that he got rid of it"

"He must of been lying. Let's go downstairs"

"Okay" I replied standing up

"I want to go eat!" I exclaimed happy knowing that it wasn't my fault, and that my baby didn't die.

"Let's go. I'll tell Oli to get you a cake" mom said opening a door and I nodded

I followed her downstairs, to the kitchen where Oli, dad and Maddy were.

"Hey Emily. How are you feeling?" Maddy asked and I smiled sitting down on a chair

"I'm good." I said laying my head in the counter

"Are you ok-" just then a guy walked into the room, with black eyes. He smirked at me and Oli punched him.

"Leave her alone! Out!" Oli shouted using his Alpha voice and the guy ran out of the kitchen.

"Is she in heat?" Maddy asked and mom nodded

"Yeah. Because she's pregnant, she'll bee in heat for a couple of days" mom explained and they nodded.

"I'm going go upstairs and lay down" I stood up and walked out the room.

I went upstairs to my room, closed the door behind me and laid in bed. It was about 4 in day, and I was a little bored.

All day I was either sleeping, eating or watching TV. When I came home yesterday, Oli was really happy.

I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep


I was locked into a room, and I was alone. All dark, no windows, no nothing.

"Cameron? Please let me out! I promise to be good" I screamed banging on the door.

"After what you did? Trying to get Adam to like you?" I heard Cameron's voice behind the door

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