Chapter 2

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Hey guys i'm sorry for the grammar and erros in this chapter 😘


"Mhh uncle one question, what are they doing here? I mean it's not that i don't want you guys here bu-" i was cut of by Mr. Jauregui "Hahaha it's ok kiddo" Mr. Jauregui said with a laugh. "they here because i need to go to an buisness trip and i can't let you be alone in this house, so i ask them and now you gonna live 2 weeks with the Jauregui's" my uncle said with a big smile. " i can live alone i don't have a problem with that." " no you can't because you're 17 and someone need an eye on you!" uncle said. "So now pack your stuff and go with them!" " fine!" i said. And with that i went to my room and pack some clothes. Now i realize that i'm going to Laurens house Omg i'm gonna be 2 weeks with Lauren!

When everything was packed i was walking back to the kitchen.

"Hey i'm back and i'm sorry for my behavior earlier Mr. and Mrs Jauregui" i said. "Oh it's okey sweete do you have everything?" said Mrs. Jauregui. "Yeah thanks, so buy uncle Tito i see you in 2 weeks" i said. "Yeah be nice to them ok?" uncle said.
I hugged him and say my bye to him. I walked with the jauregui's to they car and drive away.

What if Lauren don't want me there or her siblings? My thought was interrupt with a voice that i'm falling for. The one and only Lauren Jauregui.

"Hey Y/N finally you are here! Come i show you're room." Lauren said. She grab my hand and pulled me to my room. When she touched my hand i felt fireworks and butterfly that run through my body. She dragged me to my room. When we were in my room i realize that the room i was gonna sleeping 2 weeks long belongs to lauren.

"you gonna sleep with me in my room because we don't have a guest room, so you gonna sleep on the opposide of me is that ok with you?" lauren said. "I-I... Yeah it's fine with me" i said with a smile on my face. "Great you can unpack your things and you can put them in the cabinet." Lauren said with a smile. "Ok thank you" i said.
"Ok i'm going back downstairs and you can unpack you stuff" she said.
"Oh and mi casa es tu casa" and with that she was gone.

Omg i'm gonna sleep with lauren in her room, what if i snoore in the night or worse sleepwalking omg.

After a short time later, i heard a knock on the door and lauren walked in.

"Hey everything okey?" she said. "Yeah thanks." i said with a smile. " I'm here because mom said it's dinner time." she said and i nodded. Lauren held my hand and together went downstairs.

"Oh Y/N why are you so red in your face?" Mr. Jauregui said and when he said that i was so embarrased and saw that lauren and mine hands was still togehter. Omg why didn't she let go of my hands or does she like me?
I let go of her and sit down with the Jauregui's and together we ate the dinner.

~after the dinner~

"Mrs. Jauregui the dinner was delicious" i said. "Oh Y/N don't call us Mr. or Mrs jauregui call us mike and clara!". "ok mr.jau- i mean clara" i said with a smile and began to take the dishes and went with it to the kitchen. Lauren helped me and we began to wash the dishes.

I was so distrected with the dishes when i felt some foam on my face i heard a laugh and tourned around and saw that lauren was the one who was laughing at me.

"Oh no you just didn't do that!" i said with a devil smile. "Haha yeah sorry i just needed to do that" Lauren said with a smile. I took the foam and smeared it on her face. " Omg now i'm wet because of you!" she said. "Hahaha you did this to me first that's why i did this to you" i said with a laugh. "Hey don't laugh at me youre wet too." she said and we both laugh. We laugh together and finished the dishes.

~Skip time because i'm to lazy to write~

I was on my mattres and was hearing music and reading a book. When i heard Lauren on the door and entered with Camila and Dinah. But i pretend that i don't saw or heard them.

"Hey Y/N." Dinah said. " Y/N??" " Yo Dawg" Dinah said. "Oh hi Dinah, Camila i didn't see or heard you guys. Haha yea we saw it. Camila said with a laugh and behind her was Lauren and was giggle omg her giggles is so cute. "Thanks Y/N" Lauren said. " Uh what?!?" "you said my giggles was cute and i said thank you." oh did i say it out loud?" i said. "Yeah you did Dawg." Dinah said with a laugh. "Um sorry." i said "It's okey." Lauren said.

I went back to my book. The girls went a few hours ago and we was gonna get ready for bed time (😂 ). I was ready when i saw that Lauren with her underwear omg her body.
I was so deep in though because of her body when i felt someone shaking me.

"Hey Y/N you're ok?" Lauren said "mhh yeah i'm okey thanks. " i said. "Haha ok then we can go to the sleep." She said with a smile and went to her bed. And with that i closed my eyes and went to the sleep with a smile.

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