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The sun blazed, sending relentless waves of heat and light onto the thousands of people lined up below. The faint sound of crashing waves was carried over the hot air.

Angry red banners fluttered in the hot summer wind while swords and armor glittered beneath the sunlight. Tens of thousands of soldiers wearing red armor and crimson shields stood alongside thousands of armored warriors sitting atop horses draped in red. Behind them stood a horde of hooded figures wearing red robes, who emitting pulses of hot, searing energy. On a small hill overlooking the sea of soldiers was a massive red tent with a large red flag raised over it.

While the rest of the army was a cacophony of shouts, neighs, grunts and clanking armor; the inside of the tent was engulfed by a stifling silence.

Inside the tent, the king stood with his hands stretched to either side of a map of the battlefield. The map was covered by pins of various colors: red, blue, white, black, yellow and gray.

But the king wasn't looking at the map and neither were the several ministers, generals and commanders that stood next to him. Their eyes were unfocused, as if they were all lost in thought despite being in the middle of the largest battle in human history.

They had all heard it, at the same time in fact. One word, resounding through their minds and causing them to freeze due to the shock caused by the power of the voice as well as the reverence they attached to it. A voice that most people only ever heard at their initiation into the Church of Fire.

But even though they had only heard it once in their entire lives, none of them doubted that it was her voice.

The voice of the Fire Goddess.

Two armies of similar sizes stretched far to the right of the army of the Fire Kingdom. These were the armies of their allies; the Light Kingdom and the Water Kingdom, respectively adorned in white and blue.

In front of these armies stood a giant stone bridge stretching into the distance. On the other side of the bridge were the three armies of the Dark, Air and Earth Kingdoms.

However, the command tents of all of these armies were in a similar state. They had all heard a voice in their head, the voice of their respective Goddess. And all of these voices had told them the same thing.


So they immediately stopped everything that they were doing. But their shock soon gave way to confusion.

Why did their Goddess make them stop just as they were about to begin the war that their Church had prophesied? Wasn't this war decreed by the Goddesses themselves?

However, despite their confusion they still sent out orders to stop their armies, while nervously wondering whether their enemies would use this opportunity to attack. For now, they could only wait for their scouts to bring back news that they hoped would clarify the situation.


The continuous sound of crashing waves was interrupted by the sound of a horse's hooves hitting the stone as a yellow robed rider thundered across the stone bridge.

Zoe Hill was a scout from the Earth Kingdom who had been ordered to observe the enemy's position and report back to her commander.

Her hair fluttered in the wind as the horse galloped across the stone bridge. She'd slow down when she was closer to the other side, but she wasn't concerned about being found yet because she wasn't even halfway across the bridge.

Suddenly, her horse's ears flicked to the right just as Zoe turned her gaze in the same direction. Another pair of horses were galloping across the bridge. After noticing the color of their armor, Zoe stroked her horse's neck to calm it down and directed it to slowly move towards the scouts from the Dark and Air kingdoms.

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