The Sexy Badass (COMPLETED)

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Title: The Sexy Badaas

Written By: xiomai

Genre: Humor, Romance

*Over 300,000 reads

SAVED BY SEX GOD FIRST SEQUEL :) Sabrina Williams stop believing in happy ending after the fatal accident that killed the man she loved happened .. pano pag nakilala nya si Caden ~ the sexy bada$$ .. a fearless, frightening , kill everyone who stand in his way , and rule breaker .. but inspite of him being a tough guy .. he has a kind and understanding heart.. will she open her heart for him?


Ito yung pinaka favorite ko sa lahat ng stories ni Ate Xiomai :) Damang dama ko kasi si Caden. Hahaha. May pagka Badboy pero Sweet *o*

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