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Deep within the laboratory multiple dragon like creatures where in pods with Cybernuclear Acid a one eyed Cybertronian had been working on a Project for a while for his master to collect Energon from distance planets for the Decepticons, then two larger ones had entered the room and looked at the one eyed Transformer "Shockwave... when are they ready to depart?" he asked

"Not long Lord Megatron..." Shockwave replied

"Excellent." Megatron replied

Soon Shockwave had activated the pods awakening the creatures within them. A young human girl gasped as she woke up she looked around finding herself in her room she sighed as she sat up, ever since she could remember she had been seeing the same thing in her sleep for years it was really the only thing she could recall of her past but couldn't remember anything else about it. Her name was Violet she had jet black hair and her eyes were violet purple, for years she had been trying to find who or what she is and why did she keep getting these dream every night.

She got up and walked to her dresser and grabbed a pair of jeans and a purple tank top before she walked to the bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror seeing a mark over her heart this and her dream were the only clues to who she really was tho the mark was rather odd it looked like a dragon's face but not at the same time she sighed before she got dressed, once she left the bathroom she grabbed her jacket before she left her house to her car.

Violet worked as an archaeologist more to find out her past and the history of these Robots but she never found anything on them with only frustrated her she got to her office put her bag beside her desk even tho she was an archaeologist she had kept her mark hidden from her co-workers and her boss not wanting to create tension among them, a knocking was heared she looked to see her boss "Hello." She said

"Morning Violet." He said as he walked in

Violet just looked at him "I got a call today that could be of great interest..." he said

"And that would be?" Violet asked

He then grabbed a bunch of pictures and showed them to her she grabbed them and went to look at them "There were discovered yesterday and they wanted someone to come down and see what it could be..." he said

Violet looked through the pictures and one caught her eyes before she looked at her boss "You want me to go out and see this?" she asked

"Yes..." he said

"Alright... when should I go?" Violet asked

"Right away would be the best..." he replied

Violet nodded and got up from her deck before she looked at him "Where is it that I am heading to?" she asked

"Jasper, Nevada." He replied

Violet nodded and looked at the pictures again as he left she got a better look at the one that caught her eyes it was a cave drawing of some sort but in it looked just like the mark on her body. This could be my change to know who I am... she thought

Violet then grabbed her stuff and began to leave to Jasper, she got back into her car and drove home to pack her things all on her mind was that mark she needed to get there to see if this was her chance once she got her stuff she then headed for the airport she was ready to head out to Jasper.

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