Chapter 7

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We began walking gangsterly down the street towards the food store when suddenly Tehya pushed me and I flew in the air. I fell on the ground with my knees on the concrete. Even though I was wearing jeans, the fabric at the knees were ripped and my right knee was bleeding.

"Ahhh, are you frigging kidding me?!"

In the past year I believed that there had been a curse with me falling over, and scraping my knee, Tehya mostly the cause by either pushing me over or tripping me. This was the 16th time that I had re-opened the scar on my knee.

"Why do you always have to trip me over? Seriously." I already knew what the answer was because she says the same thing every time, but I was frustrated.

"Haha, I'm sorry. It was an accident. I just had a pushing in me and I really had to let it out."
Everyone was bursting out laughing and I had a little laugh with them too.

Nevertheless, we still began walking down the road. I was walking behind them all as I was limping but refused to stop and take a break. I knew I would be able to get some sort of disinfectant for my wound.

"Its so weird seeing no one in the city. Not one single soul walking by. Meh, I guess it'll be easy to get all our supplies." Alessandra said.

Her voice was strange. The way she spoke sent chills down my spine, as I watched the white mist coming out of her mouth as she spoke.

Temperatures reaching this low were uncommon in Prota. Well there hasn't been this cold of weather ever since 360 years ago. There was an urban myth once about witches living here. They made the city snow when ever they wanted, and froze people to death if they disrespected their beliefs. Well I think that was the story, I dunno. Who cares.

We came across the city mall and walked straight in without any hesitation. Still, no one was to be seen.

Hayley took a big gasp-

"Guys! You know what an empty mall with no law anymore means?" Her face emerged into a giant smile-


That amazing thought came to me. With vampires and werewolves existent there isn't a law anymore, and an empty mall...ohhh yeah!

Everyone cheered and we all began going into any of the shops we saw, smashing valuables on the ground and doing whatever.

"FREEDOM!" Joyce roared loudly.

"FREEDOM!" We all roared together.


It went silent.

Tehya. Tehya and her liquorice bullets. Ruined the cool moment in our lives, to do anything we wanted in a mall.

Oh well.

We continued to smash things and put on expensive clothes, and do whatever we wanted. That was until we reached the grocery store.


We raced each other into the store and began raiding into any food we wanted. Nuts, lollies, fruit, meat, milk, I don't know cause I don't care! I was in a living dream of getting anything I wanted for free.

I ran around with a mouthful of mini snicker bars in my mouth, that was until I saw Alessandra feasting on all the pistachios.

"Nooo. My precious pistachios!"

"They're mine!"

The bars in my mouth fell to the floor as I ran towards Alessandra and began eating the pistachios, throwing each shell at her so she could eat less.


"I' But I need to eat...more."

Joyce grabbed another chocolate almond and slowly placed it into her mouth.
We were all groaning from our sore, filled up stomachs as we continued to lay on our giant castle of stuffed toys.

"Hey guys, should we still fill up our bags up with survival gear?" I said with a dead tone trying to stay on task. Even though i really did not want to.

"Nah, lets just do that la..t....e.......r." Tehya's voice slowly faded away as she began to sleep. It was 12 o'clock in the afternoon and we were still exhausted, so we began to fall asleep to try and feel better. Just a quick sleep will help us, surely.

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