Danger (justin bieber)

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To lots of you reading this if you have red the other dangers with justin bieber in it i have red about 4 or 5 of them and two were the same but one had more chapters and all the rest were different and before you read this one you might wanna read the one by hanna_rodd beacause it is kinda gona be the same but with some different parts in it.( but hanna_rodd if your reading this i just wanted to let you know i loved the Dnger story that you did with justin bieber and im super obsessed with it and i cant wait tell you ubdate it.) 

        I can't believe it my highschool days are almost over i graduate in only two years. "And to think of it my life for the past two years I really didn't have that

much fun I must of been really boring, well thats only because christian parents are like against like everything thats fun. I have no idea why I listened to them all  

these years. Well it's getting late it's almost past midnight i better get to bed. 

The next day  

    I wake up and all i hear is *beep *beep *beep *beep It's 6:15 am and I just remembered that it was the last day of school. So I turned my alarm off and e

excitingly hoped out of bed. I put my hair in a messy bun and got myself in a nice hot shower. I washed every inch of my body from head to toe. I got out            

wraped the towel around my body and quitely walked back to my room. I tried to put togrther the best outfit i could not really thinking of what might happen today.

So i just went with a yellow neon tank with a pink flowey belly top that said "Hollister" on it and then just threw on a pair of ripped shorts and flip flops. Next i went

into my bathroom to do my makeup and just put on some light pale eyeshadow with matching blush and verry light masscarra with pink shiney lip gloss. Then

went down stairs to have breakfast and pored myself a bowl of frosted flakes and just relaxed for a few minuits. After I put my bowl in the sink I ran up the stairs

to brush my teeth as fast as I could without wakeing up my parents, I passed my yonger brother Danny in the hall and he said "Kelse your up early" I replied with

"well I'm not gona miss my last day". FInally I ran down the steps grabing my bag and my cell phone and was already out the door. Thinking to myself it's 6:45 so  

I have enough time to stop by Carly's house and walk with her to school so I don't look as laim. I arive at her house standing right outside the front door and text


To: Carly

"Can I come in" 

with a reply of 

From: Carly 

" The backs open" 

So I walk to the back as quite as I can and open the door and seeing her grab her bag and cell phone and were ready to go. We made it to school and we had a

choice to either to go to our classes and sit there in quite for the rest of the day or just hang out in the gym. Most of us chose the gym and we just sat there and

talked and bullshited. A few minuits later everybody that was a student that was considerd cool got a text about a block party. I was so suprised that I got the

invite thinking to myself "Me considerd cool Me Kelse Joans got invited to a party with like all the cool people in our school" I was like having a panic attack

inside of my mind. All my friends were ivited to so that made it better. Everyone was talking about it even my friends and me and we were like were all going and

"then just snap a thought just occured to me my parents would never let me go beacause they hate fun and ruining my life". After that a one other thought

occured to me if i didnt go to that party tonight " I'll NEVER EVER be invited to another party like this ever again. But I have to listen to my parents so I told my

friends that i couldent go and took a risk on never going to another party in my life.

*That Night*

It was Friday night and i had nothing to do like at all just sit in my room and mone. I thought about going really hard and thought " What the hell". So I decided to

sneek out and go anyways and take the risk. So I took a hot shower got out and dried off and put on my dark ripped pair of skinny jeans with a white flowey tank

and a leather jacket with my white and gold hightops. I then did my makeup and I was ready to go.It was almost midnight and I ran downstairs and snuck out.

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