"It's a check book. In other words, it's your key to your very own bank account." my father announced happily handing me a pale green leather check book. It was lined with gold and seemed quite light. 

"And as bonus," my mother added quickly in a impatient voice. "We have transferred exactly 2.5 million dollars to your account as a little something to help pay for your long vacation from us... You know, to find the man of your choosing." 

"But always remember, with money comes great responsibility... Oh, I almost forgot!" my father said rushed by the fact he'd forgotten something else to give me. He reached in his right back pocket, I know this since he used his right hand to reach( my left), and took out a little booklet along with a white piece of plastic in the form of a rectangle except with curved tips.... a driver's license! I didn't know exactly what that booklet was though.  

How I hoped to receive a driver's license so badly. See, since there are no streets here in the forest, I couldn't drive anywhere with a car... Now I can finally get one. 

Immediately, I sensed that my face displayed an emotion of joy and pure delight since I saw that my father gave me a serious look, one that said "Don't be foolish.", and he waited a second till I relaxed myself. 

Just getting the chance to receive a driver's license is a gift to me. For the past two years, I've been driving my fathers black streaked Harley Davidson motorcycle around the forest for practice. Over the years, I've gotten used to it, but, when I sometimes rode it, I became uncontrollably sick or dizzy. That's because I usually "eat" before I ride it. Also, I learned that wearing a helmet could save even a partially dead person's life... long story short, I got flung into an a giant oak tree, hitting my head when I pressed the brake unexpectedly. I had a bump on my forehead for around a month. 

You'd never expect a girl like me to be into motorcycles but the again, I'm not "normal"... 

Anyways, my father slowly handed me my driver's license along with the black leather booklet. "I almost forgot about my personal gift to you; your driver's license and your passport. This way, you'll be able to travel around the country or world in order to find your future husband. I already entered in all your information for your passport and license, along with your identification picture." As my father said this, I looked inside my passport and examined it to make sure he had filled in everything correctly. I didn't know that the asked for your favorite color to verify your identity! I spoke to myself in pure happiness. I guess the country likes to get personal with its citizens... 

When I was done examining my license and I put it away along with my passport, I looked up to see that both my parents were looking out the giant twenty feet glass window, to see the sun making it's way up over the horizon. "It's almost time for you to leave, Ella." my father said softly as though he meant to whisper it to me. Then I remembered what I had wanted to ask my mother. 

"Mother, when I was packing up to leave, I couldn't find my iPod charger. Do you happen to know where it is?" I asked in a soft voice. My mother looked at me with a promising look while my father eyed my mother with a curious, frustrated face. "Why yes I do. Ella, for you're trip, I don't think you should bring your iPod with you because listening to music, in my opinion, is wasting time that you can spend looking for him. That's why I would like to hold on to your iPod while you're gone." 

I was astonished my mother would ask to take away my only inspirational gift that I've ever received. My father, at the moment as well, had the same emotion displayed across his face. But then a second later, his face displayed a generous, hopeful look. "I agree with your mother even though she went in your room without your permission." my father added. 

I knew that I couldn't fight with them so I crouched down to the floor, took out my iPod (along with headphones), and tossed them up to my mother. She caught it with the slightest of ease. That's when I noticed the sun rise to about the point where one fourth of the sun was exposed; just enough to declare that it is my time to leave. I quickly stood up, looked into my parents eyes, and announced sadly," I need to leave. Now."  

My father was the first to lean towards me and hug me while kissing my forehead. Whenever either of my parents do this, I know that they are trying to comfort me. Today, out of all the days I've lived, will cherish their (my parents) last hugs for they may be the last I receive.  

"I love you, Ella... now go." my father said as he loosened his grip from his bear hug and let go of me. Out of nowhere, my mother grabbed both my hands and spun me over to where she was to hug me. And as she did, I heard her whisper the words, "Never lose hope because you'll find him. I know you will. For me."  

Out of the blue, I had a massive urge to burst out crying, to lose control over myself, to let my parents see how I really feel about leaving. But why should I degrade myself? 

As soon as she was done hugging me, I grabbed the handle to my wheeling hiker back-pack, put on my black coat, and walked to the front door. I opened it slowly so that I could take in everything before I leave; the beige walls, the antique furniture, the beautiful plants, my wonderful parents, and the memories that I've had here. Oh how I will cherish every one of them that I've had. 

Then I turned around to my parents. Looking them in the eye, I sadly said, "Goodbye."  

That is when I left my house for my journey. This journey to find him.

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