Drinks and Music

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Lucy's Pov~

As I finish fixing my hair and yukata, considering it's an end of the year party, I get a message from levy telling me to hurry up that's she's waiting outside. I sigh and grab my bag and keys walking out the door.

We arrive to the company's hall. Levy fixed her blue yukata after getting out of the car, so did I. We walked inside the hall which was huge and decorated nicely. Everyone was dancing and drinking. The atmosphere felt perfect. Gajeel, a famous music artist came up to us eyeing Levy.

"Hey bunny girl, hey shrimp.. looking nice today" he winked at Levy causing her to blush.

"Hey Gajeel" I couldn't help but chuckle

"H-hey Gajeel, you look nice too" her cheeks grew even more pink.

"Gihi" Gajeel chuckled then offered us a drink.

We walked to a table where our friends were and sat down. Of course Levy was next to Gajeel. Erza was with Jellal and Kagura at another table. Gray and Juvia were dancing there buts off. I took a drink as Gajeel took levy out somewhere. I felt a hand on my shoulder and look up.

"Oh hey Nastu! Glad you made it" I got up and gave him a hug. Natsu worked as a model with me. He's an amazing person. My bestfriend. But..sometimes I wanted us to be more.

"Hey Luce. Glad to see you too. So what are you guys up to?" He said as we both sat down and I poured him a drink.

"Well everyone is having fun somewhere in here haha"

"Heh, well glad I'm here aren't Ya?"

"Haha Yea, sure" I chuckled as he pouted cutely.

We took some drinks and continued talking. Then one of my favorite songs came up and I started to Hum as I took another sip. I looked over to Natsu as he took of his scarf to fix his jacket. ...he looks hot...wait..what am I thinking??? ..I just shook my head an took another sip.

"Hey Natsu wanna dance?" I giggled softly. I was already buzzed.

"Okay if you can keep up~" he grinned and stood up walking to the crowded dance floor. I followed behind him laughing.

"Try me"

We began to dance as I held my cup next to me. I took sips every now and then. Everything was so pumped it wasn't even 3 am. We continued dancing for a while until someone bumped into me causing me to spill my drink on me.

"S...shit" I cursed drowsy.

"Oh we should get that washed off"

"N-nuuu it's ...fine..I-I wanna keep dancing~"

"Luce your obviously too drunk come on I think you need to go home and change"

"Hah...d-drunk? Me? Y...your s.. sillyyy"

"Yea no I'm not come on I'm taking you home"

Natsu Pov~

I grabbed Luce's arm and walked to the table to get her stuff. She continued mumbling words not wanting to leave but I continued walking with her to the car. After I buckled her in I turned on the car and drove to her place.

We got inside and Luce wobbles to her doorstep. I grab the keys from her purse and open it helping her to her room. I opened her bedroom door as she hung on my shoulder. Damn...she smells good..crap what am i thinking. I sound like a drunken pervert!

As I walked to her bed not having time to turn on the lights Luce trips and flops on the bed pulling me down with her.

Before I knew it I was on the Luce. Something warm and soft was between my face. I put my hand over the sort thing that felt almost like a pillow and I squeezed it then I heard a soft moan. I moved my hand fast as my face grew red. Then I felt a hand on my shoulders.

"N-natsu....I-I....like.....you...f-for a...long..time" I heard Luce panting softly.

I could feel her eyes on me, my heart pounded fast and loud.

"L-Luce I love y-" then before I knew it Luce's lips were against mine. I couldn't help but kiss her back. Her soft lips that tasted so sweet. Then I felt a hand going up my shirt.

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