THe long titled introduction where he beats her up and she loves him... part 1

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I felt like I was in a cliché story from some writing website online with bizarre obsessions towards clichés, abusive men; submissive man-hating so-called "pious" Muslimahs, and insane plotlines that make no sense and couldn't happen in real life. I was 18 and just graduated from the best university in the world. but my mom said I had to marry him. AstaghfirAllah, may Allah forgive me for acknowledging the opposite gender exists...

I didn't want to merry him but it was my dad's wish and I had to obey. so I threw my life and everything I wanted away to go be his bride. little did I no, he was looking for a maid, not a wife. Actually, not maid either, just a punching bag. On our wedding night it all seemed great. Smiles and pcitures and meeting family. but when we got into his limo that stretched for one whole mile, he put on the gloves, and that's when I knew... he would never love me.

I had a blackeye for our walimah, but I told everyone it was makeup. they were dumb enough to believe me. he beet me up again later after the walimah just for laughs. then he called his brother. and he beat me too. then he called his friend tom, a police officer, and he beat me up too. Then they threw me of a cliff and I had to climb back up. and when I reached the top, he kicked my face and I fell. but not before I got to see his smirk. it made it all better.

On our honeymoon, he made me stay home and scrub the entire house with my toothbrush, while he went out and partied. He got drunk. smoked crack. cheated with his old girlfriend. then brought me a rose from bushes outside where he puked at before he came home. Ma Shaa Allah, he's so thoughtful. I guess it means he does love me, and ijust have to be patient. one day he'll be good. I just know it. Actually, AstaghfirAllah, he might be good right now. I shouldn't judge. AstaghfirAllah. He's such a good Muslim and I'm the worst. I'm probably going to jahannam for judging him. and I accidentally said good morning to the old mailman on Tuesday. I'm so awful.


his pov

This is stupid. money is all I care about. I smirked.

"Hey!" I yelled at her. She's not my wife. not even a maid. she's nothing to me. and I had to let her know. "YOU SUCK! I hate you."

"I'm sorry," she apologized. I winked. She swooned. Girls...

"Oh by the way I'm taking Susie out on a date tonight."

"But it's the last night of are honeymon. Can we go to the beach?"

"No. You need to stay here and fix the plumbing and stictch up my boxing gloves."

"NO! I am my own person and I don't have to do what you say!"


BAM! I punched her stomach. BOOM! I kicked her teeth. CHOP! I karate chopped her onto the ground. HIYAH! I bodyslammed her then stood her up and dropkicked her then, worst of all, I gave her a wet-willy!

"I'm sorry," she said. "Don't you love me?!"

"no. you stink." The look in her eyes was sad. very sad. her heart was broken. Good. she deserved it. She didn't even know or care that my mom died in an accident when I was a kid. she didn't no I rode motorcycles and joined 5 gangs to hide the pain. Know one would no.

"can you take me to the hospital?"

"No. I lost the rope so I cant tie you to the roof again. So no."

"Okay. I love you."

"Shut up." 

..... maybe I did love her too. No. She cant change me. no one will effect my hart. I don't know what love is.

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