6) emergencyreaction

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We have ... emergencyreaction

Dantopaz: Why did you join wattpad?

emergencyreaction: I joined Wattpad because my friend was bangin' on about how some of the stories on here are really bad, and also because I was up for some story writing!

Dantopaz: What story are you most proud of?

emergencyreaction: I'm most proud of The Bench (that's the only actual story I'm proud of that I've wrote).

Dantopaz: If you had to choose your favourite story on wattpad, what would it be?

emergencyreaction: I think my favourite story would have to be either Playing Evelyn, Rock Progidy, White Is For Virgins, APR/ASR, Nothing Left To Lose, Serenity Falls or Blind Fools. I have a lot of favourite stories!

Dantopaz: What would you rate wattpad out of 100?

emergencyreaction: 90/100

Dantopaz: What’s your favourite story off wattpad?

emergencyreaction: I think my favourite story off Wattpad would have to be Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern. Anything by Cecelia Ahern is magical!

Dantopaz: Who is your favourite author on all of wattpad?

emergencyreaction: I have a lot of favourite authors on Wattpad, it's so hard to choose! Some of my recommended authors are leigh_, hmmcghee, princessharley, jules130 and DistantDreamer.

Dantopaz: Who is your most faithful fan?

emergencyreaction: leigh_, she is my lesbo lover and my first ever person I ever talked to on here. SHE'S AMAZING. LUFF YOU LEIGH.

Dantopaz: Out of your book/books, who is your favourite character? 

emergencyreaction: Olive, because she's just a confused little child with a big, curious mind.

Dantopaz: What is your most embarrassing moment, that you’re willing to share?

emergencyreaction: Well, I was bending over and this male teacher walked through the door and saw my bending over with my bum in the air...awkward!

Dantopaz: What’s your best way to get rid of writers block?

emergencyreaction: EAT FOOD!

Dantopaz: LOL. Are you a reader or a writer?

emergencyreaction: Reader, I don't have a very big imagination, so I can't write that well

Dantopaz: Where do you find your ideas?

emergencyreaction: Through real-life events and when I'm sitting in the bath thinking deeply about life

Dantopaz: How often do you upload your stories?

emergencyreaction: Not very often. I'm ashamed to admit there's humongous date gaps between every upload, and I'm sorry D:

Dantopaz: Are there any stories you are working on at the moment, that are not published? If so, would you mind telling us something about them/it?

emergencyreaction: I'm working on my story for NaNoWriMo, and it's gonna be one of those "Ahh I hate your boyfriend hey wanna go out with me" stories. AVRIL LAVIGNE TIME!

Dantopaz: Is there anything you would like to say in addition?

emergencyreaction: If anyone has any vampire boarding school stories with bad grammar, send them to leigh_. She'd love to read them!

And that's the end everyone!!!

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