Chapter 1

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Leslie's P.O.V

The lady had enforced me to attend this well-known international school in town known as the Int'll East High, which entirely means that I'm practically in high school now.

The school building is constructed proportionally and is covered by typical classic white wallpaper almost everywhere, which kind of reminds me of the hospital where I was jolted by a sudden awakening state.

The atmosphere here tends to pressure my self-esteem, and I can sense the smell of the wind dashing through the pile of textbooks I was carrying with my left arm. I witnessed a massive sea of endless students everywhere walking fast forwardly, having decent conversations, hungrily making out, while some, deliberately stares at me.


A left red dotted sneaker almost hit me on the face. I hesitantly carried on and tried to ignore the haunting curiosity of the person who clearly did that on purpose.

My thoughts were filled with doubts about the students whom my mom talked so nicely about, as I walked through the hallway crafted with antique white-tiles and assume passing several more students... I finally found my class: Biology.

So yeah, being fashionably late on my first day was  just what I needed. I looked through the opaque glass door and immediately joined them.

The teacher seemed to be too busy writing to have noticed my late presence on his class, until some pussy yelled, "Mr. Neil, I think we've got new company here in our class."

The teacher turned around as his dark grey eyes scanned for me among his fellow students.

"Aha, late on the first day, aye newcomer?" he spoke with his undeniably horrible british accent. "Why don't you introduce yourself in front of the class, hmm? Tell us a little bit about yourself, and make it quick."

I quickly addressed who I was and immediately escorted myself back to my seat. Insecurities sled in and out of my hectic mind, have I always been this insecure?

And then, I sense a overwhelming scent which came from a guy, dark-haired, seems slightly decent, who sits in front of me, whose beautiful brown eyes I found staring at me for quite some time. He finally turned around and politely held out his hand,

"Hi, I'm Clayton. But everyone calls me Clay. Welcome to Int'll East."

I stiffly held out my own hand and shake his,

"Leslie. Nice to meet you, Clay."

"Pleasure's all mine."

Then he turned around and we both eventually turned our focuses to the subject on board.

That was pretty much what happened on my first day of school. I couldn't remember anything from my last school. Mother said it was better to move from our last home in Denver and get a better life here in New York.

So now, here I am. Stranded in this "concrete jungle where dreams are made of" (I started to listen to several songs about New York and this was what I got thanks to Alicia Keys).

Mother never told me anything detail about our past, or where we actually came from. All I know is, that my name is Leslie Carter. I'm 17 years old, and I suffer from a severe "permanent" amnesia disease which caused me to not recall any occasions that occur during my past, but I'm confident that the small curious voice inside of me will figure everything out soon enough, I just know it. And I can surprisingly sense it rushing through my veins. I think. I hope. Ugh.

Will I ever be the Leslie Carter I was before the incident?


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