The New House

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I looked at the house. I was happy. Then someone picked me up and scared me. I turned and saw Laurence. "Hello beautiful "he smiled. "Hello handsome "I smiled back. Then he kissed me. "So how does it feel to live next door to the hottest guy in the world"he smiled. "Not like I thought it would be"I smiled. He helped me unpack then went somewhere. So I was home alone. Zane was busy. The girls lived far. Wait. Aaron. So I called him. He will be over soon.
(Few minutes later)
I hear the door bell. I go to the door. I open it and see Aaron. "Hey Aaron how are you"I asked. "Good you "he smiled. "I have been great. Come in"I smiled. We both sat on the couch watching anime. "I don't get this"he said. "How. It's a love story "I said. "Well if she knew he cheated. Why didn't she dump him and go to the other dude. "He laughed. "Because she wanted to know if it was true and maybe she didn't like the other dude"I laughed. "Still. She should. That guy is no good for her. She should go to the nice quiet guy"he smiled. "She is in love with him. Maybe she doesn't like quiet guys. Maybe she wants a loud jerk who is an athlete "I said. "What ever. Got to go"he got up. "Yea I have to go surprise Laurence with a gift"I smiled. He looked down. Then left. I then walked to Laurence's house I got out the key he gave me and went in. Garroth was on the couch. He pointed it Laurence's room and smiled. I smiled back and monthed "thank you" to him. He nodded. I walked quietly to Laurence's room and opened it. And I saw something I never wanted to see.


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