Twenty One Pilots

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How the trip to Hawaii went down:

Jenna: Hey, why don't we go somewhere nice on vacation? Somewhere warm and maybe even tropical!

Tyler: Sure, Honey! What about Hawaii?

Jenna: that's perfect! And don't worry about Josh. You'll miss him but you'll be fine

Tyler: yeah... It's only a few days, right?

*arrives at Hawaii airport*

Jenna: I'll take your suitcase

Tyler: No! I can do it, it's fine

Jenna: *takes suitcase anyways* why is it so heavy? *drops suitcase*

Suitcase: *scream*

Jenna:  YOU DIDN'T!

*opens suitcase to find Josh in it*

Josh: Hi.

Tyler: It's too late to send him back now

Jenna: *facepalms*

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