Beginning of the End Pt. 2

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Narrator's POV


Death is unfriendly. Unkind. Unapologetic. It doesn't care that you that you are a mother, father, sister, or brother. It doesn't care what plans you have or what potential you have at greatness.

Death is inevitable, unchangeable.

It is unavoidable.

Hugh Elliot once said that death can sneak up on you like a silent kitten, surprising you with it's tough and you have a right to act surprise. Other times death stomps in the front door, unwanted and unannounced, and makes it's noisy way to your seat on the sofa.

Cristiano rushed to the hospital fully fearing what he was about to find out. Once he made it there he went to the first nurse that he could find trying to find his wife.

"I am looking for Amber Smith dos Santos Averio, she is pregnant. There was a car accident she was in it. Is she here?" he asked.

The nurse took him to the front desk to talk to another nurse who could help better than she could.

"She along with three other women was rushed in. They are in with the doctors right now, so we can't give you an update on there status right, but you can sit in the waiting room," the nurse said pointing in the direction of the waiting room.

Cristiano went to the waiting room and saw Danielle sitting in one of the chairs. He walking over to her but she was in a trance, she didn't notice his presence. Cristiano sat beside her and touch her leg and she jump away from him.

"Its me," he said.

She looked at him and gave him a small smile.

"What's going on? Are you okay? Do you know what happened?" he asked.

She shook her head, "No, I don't know what happened."

Danielle's mind was all over the place she never got a chance to tell anyone that she had lost her kids in the custody battle with Ethan because she had no home nor a source of income. Yeah, its 2016 the mother is supposed to get the children but what judge in there right mind would give a child to someone whom don't have a stable living environment or income. Danielle had not exactly figured out what she wants to do with her life and she had been living with Amber, Aunt Anna or Serigo.

So, it was safe to say she didn't have a stable living environment. After, the trail Ethan had gloated about getting the children. Though Danielle was upset she knew that Ethan loved Riley and Daniel, he would be good to them that is why she didn't worry about their well-being. She worried about missing them and vice versa. She hoped that they would adjust well until she could get everything together to get them more often but the visits and face timing would just have to do.

Danielle's mental state was just as fragile as Cristiano's right now, maybe even more fragile since she was the one who watch the car collide with a semi-empty bus. He didn't see any of it so, he was lucky to be oblivious to one of the most excruciatingly heartbreaking sights that anyone could ever witness. Danielle was extremely unfortunate in that situation.

"Has anyone said anything?" Cristiano asked Danielle trying to get some answers.

"Nope, but there will be an police officer who will be coming to see us shortly to tell us everything about the accident. We have to wait for the doctors to finish up with the surgeries before we can find out about how they are doing?" Danielle said.

Cristiano nodded knowing that he could doing anything that he would just have to wait. It would make no sense for him to start yelling at people because it would speed things up it would just make it more complicated.

After a couple of hours, Sergio and Marcel arrived to bring Cristiano and Danielle food and to just be with them in their time of need. They just sat around watch the TV that was in the waiting room.

"Is there anyone here in relation to the Smith family and friend?" a police officer called out into the waiting room.

Cristiano was the first on his feet heading towards the officer; Danielle was behind him, "Yes, I am Amber Smith's husband and father to her children. Are they okay?"

"As far as their health I cannot tell you, that is the doctors job. I am here to talk about the accident. Come with me," he said. He took them out into the hallway were they could talk in private. "So, we investigated the accident it happened because of the young lady, who we now know as Robyn Grace Whitfield, was driving she must have been distracted and ran a red light. She hit a bus. Luckily there were only two people on the bus and they were nowhere near the impact so they are fine. We found out that they were on the way to the hospital because your wife, Mrs. Amber Marie Smith dos Santos Averio, was in labor. As of now, no chargers have been pressed but we are issuing a ticket to Ms. Whitfield for running the red light. Insurance will cover all damages suffered in the accident. Right now, that is all the information I have for you. Do you have any questions?"

Cristiano and Danielle shook their heads no. They were glad that nobody else was hurt in the accident and the legally they would be fine.

"Okay, I am Detective Rhys Garcia. I will leave you my contact information incase you have any other questions. I hope that the persons involved in the accident are fine. My prayers are with you all. See you later," he said with a sad smile and walked away. Danielle and Cristiano went back into the waiting room to relay the news to Sergio and Marcelo.

After another hour of waiting around, Pepe had came by and brought more food for them to eat. They were all sat around talking about their last game and all of the funny moments that have happened during the games when the doctor finally came in to talk to them.

"The Smith family?" said middle aged man dressed in scrubs. Cristiano and Danielle followed him out into the hallway. "We have some patient updates. As far as Anna Jane Smith, she is out of surgery. Anna suffered some minor injuries which just a case of serious whiplash but she is stable now. Her wearing a seat belt saved her life, we will give her a neck restraint and some pain medication and she will fine. Robyn Grace Whitfield is now stable; she suffered a fractured jaw due to the impact of the air bag and minor whiplash. She will be fine. Unfortunately...Diana Catherine Smith did not survive the accident she suffered major brain trauma, the force of the impact jostled her brain and caused it swell. She had a couple of broken ribs that punctured her lungs causing her lungs to fill with blood and there wasn't anything that we could do to save her. I am so sorry for your loss," he said.

Danielle started crying. Despite what most think she didn't have a great relationship with her mother. She had fooled herself into thinking they didn't but regardless that was her mother and it hurt to know that she had lost her. They had the potential to build a better relationship than the one they had but the chance was ripped away from her. And it hurt like hell.

Cristiano never really cared for Diana but nevertheless tears rolled down his face because someone had loss their life and no matter whom it was, it was still something that was sad and unfair. It was sad because two women lost their mother today. Unfair because life had been stolen from a person and Cristiano strongly believed that everyone deserves the chance a life.

"What...what about Amber? What about my children?" Cristiano asked while Danielle quietly sobbed.

"The children are fine, they survive and are completely health. It actually a miracle because the mother had no seat belt she took the brunt of the accident," he said.

"And Amber?" Cristiano said.

The doctor took his glasses off and with a deep sigh, he handed Cristiano his clipboard.


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