Jacob Sartorius // New Kid

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I take a deep breath as I step into my new school. It sucks to start at a new school at the beginning of the year but starting school in the middle of the year is even worse. A few girls glance at me. They look perfect with their manicured nails, perfectly-straightened hair and matching-but-not-too-matching outfits. I sigh. This is going to be a long day.

"Alright, class, we have a new student. Y/N?"

"Y-Yea Y/F/L/N," I stutter. A few giggles fill the room. I glance around to see three girls in the back batting their eyelashes at me. Mean girls? I think so.

"Nice to meet you, Y/N. I'm Mr. Hensworth. You can sit there," He says, pointing at an empty desk in the middle row, "Now, everyone take out their copy of Call of the Wild."

I make my way to the open desk. I swing my backpack onto the back of my seat and pull out my pencil case and laptop. Mr. Hensworth is talking about a new assignment when I hear a whisper.

"Psst, do you need to share a copy?"

I stare at the dirty-blonde haired boy, surprised he actually cares.

"Um, yea, sure. Thanks."

He smiles and scoots his chair a little closer to me, opening the book. Is it bad I might like this kid? I mean he's sweet and offered to share.

"Y/N, right? I'm Jacob."

"Nice to meet you."

"Hey, it's Jacob's girlfriend," One of the girls from class sneers.

"I'm not his girlfriend."

"Sorry. I forgot why would he like you?"

"Kylie! Stop bugging her."

I look around. Jacob is standing there with his backpack swung around his shoulder. He looks at Kylie grimly as if telling her to move. She merely shrugs.

"Your superhero is here to save the day," She says, "I'll leave you two alone."

"Don't listen to anything she says. Kylie is the meanest girl in the class. She thinks she's the best too."

I laugh uneasily, thankful I didn't have to face Kylie.

"Thanks for saving me."

"Of course."

"No, Jacob!" I laugh, grabbing my phone back. Jacob and I have gotten closer over the past few weeks. By closer I mean we are rarely seen without each other.

"Why not?" He asks, grabbing my wrist. I pull away, but he pulls me closer until our faces are inches apart from each other. His breath tingles my face. I'm not sure what I'm thinking as we both lean closer. Butterflies in my stomach shoot to life as our lips lightly touch.


"Hey, Jacob!" I shout, trying to push the kiss that happened weeks ago out of my head.

"How was math? I heard this lesson is super hard."

I try to push my hope out of my heart.
"It was actually okay. I thought it was going to be harder."

He starts laughing.

"That makes me feel better."

I laugh again as Jacob and I exit my new school.

Ding dong. I close my laptop slowly, surprised that someone is ringing my doorbell. I wasn't expecting anyone. I run downstairs. The doorbell rings again.


I open the door to see Jacob in a tuxedo. Suddenly, my three-sizes-too-big sweatshirt doesn't feel right.

"Y/N, you make me smile whenever we're together. The kiss we shared was magical and unreal. I guess what I'm trying to say is will you be my girlfriend?"

The butterflies shoot to life again.


Jacob smiles and pulls me into a huge hug.

"So we're a thing?" He whispers.


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