Wh-what's that on your neck?

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((Your POV))


"ELLA, ALYSSA!!" I yelled

Ella and Alyssa are Adam's sisters, and two of my best friends.

"H-Hey!" Ella said,

Ella is a girl that gets scared easily, she's had a rough life. Kinda like me. Just way worse.

"We have not seen each other in forever!" Alyssa exclaimed.

Alyssa was a fun person. Not too much to say about her, to be honest

"Yep!" I said

"Wh-What's that on your neck..? D-Did you get abused again?" Ella asked, pointing to a mark on my neck..

"No..? I have no idea where that came from, or how it got there.." I explained



That's where he was kissing my neck last night at the bar when I came to pick him up..

"You sure..?" Alyssa asked, "It looks pretty serious."

"Oh. Um. I remember now..Heh..No, I wasn't abused again.." I said

"Th-Then what happend..?" Ella asked

"My boyfriend was kinda drunk last night..when I went to the bar to pick him up, he started kissing my neck..I guess I never noticed the mark." I said

"You got a boyfriend?!" Alyssa asked

I nodded

"What's his name?! Have you two made out yet?! Is he nice?! Tell me everything!!" Alyssa exclaimed

"His name is Max, he's an editor, he's really nice, we live together now, and gets mad easily.." I explained

Alyssa crossed her arms, "You ignored one of the questions,"

I tilted my head in confusion.

"Have you two made out yet?" Alyssa repeated

I blushed, "No..We haven't."

Then Max came out, rubbing his eyes, with his shirt off..

"Hey babe..What's that..?" he asked, pointing to the mark on my neck and hugging me from behind

"You did that, Max. When you were drunk." I explained

"Oh, that's cool. At least it was me, right?" he asked


I looked at Ella and Alyssa, who were both staring at Max, with their jaws wide open

"Th-That's Max..?" Ella asked

I nodded

"He's your boyfriend?!" Alyssa asked

I nodded again.

"Prove it.."

"Oh, I can prove it for you.." Max said, pulling closer

Then he kissed me, and slowly slipped his tongue into my mouth, leaving no spot in my mouth untouched. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and he wrapped his arms around my waist, slowly slipping his hand down my pants, squeezing my butt.

"Okay, okay we believe you!" Alyssa said

I gave her a thumbs up, and continued kissing Max. The butt squeezing thing was new, but I could get used to it.

"S-Seriously, y-you guys can stop now.." Ella said,

Max took his hand out of my pants, took his tongue out of my mouth, and pulled away from the kiss.

"We need to do that more often.." Max said

"Sure.." I giggled,

"And who are these two ladies..?" Max asked

"The stuttering one is Ella, and the other one is Alyssa." I explained

Alyssa smiled and waved, while Ella hid behind her.

"Nice to meet you two..Oh and (Y/n), Alesa and Jess wanted to have a girls night thing.." Max said

"Cool! Ella, Alyssa, do you two wanna come?" I asked

They nodded.

"Can I come too?" Max asked, in his stupid white girl voice

"Nope," I replied

Max sighed, "Fine,"

Looks like is girls are gonna have a little girls night.

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