Austin imagine.

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You just got out of the shower when you got a text from Austin. You dried off and wrapped the around my waist.

You and Austin have been separated for a month now. You call, text, Skype, FaceTime whenever we can.

Message from: Austin <3

I miss you so much baby.

To: Austin <3

When are you suppose to be home?

From: Austin <3

Not for another 3 weeks.

That's too long you can't wait that long.

To: Austin <3

That's so far away.

From: Austin <3

I know. Can you FaceTime right now?

To: Austin <3


You closed out of the message and opened up the FaceTime app when Austin was already factiming me.

You clicked it accepted it and then you saw his beautiful face. "Hey babe." He whispered. It was kind of dark.

"Hey." You smiled.

"I just love your smile." He said, you blushed and smiled again. "Aw your blushing."

"What can I say." You spoke.

"I love you."

"I love you too Austin." You admired his feature through the screen. He was wearing a trukfit shirt and his black beanie he always wears.

"Babe, where's your top?" You glanced down to see you were still in your towel. Your face got all red. You completely forgot you were still in a towel.


"It's okay. I've seen you fully nude before." He winked.

"Oh god." You were trying to figure out where he was at because it didn't look like a hotel room. "Where are you at Austin?"

"I'm in the car." He laughed. Why is he in the car it's like 10:00pm at night in Miami where you are. You forgot it is only 8:00 then in LA. You forget you both are in different time zones.

"Hey I have to go okay? I love you and miss you." You sighed.

"Bye, I love you too and miss you so much." You were on the verge of crying. Then he was gone.

You decided to get up and get ready for bed you put on one of Austin's t shirts which is big on you and a pair of underwear. You then got into bed and closed your eyes to try to fall asleep.

You got back up to go to the bathroom when you heard a door creak then shut. You walked into the living room and there was lights on. You swore you turned off the lights in the condo.

"Hello?" You questioned. You then felt hand cover your eyes.

"Guess who?" A lower voice said. You got both excited and scared. The hands weren't tight on your head, you removed them off and brought them down and turned around. Right before your own eyes was Austin.

You burst into tears, "Hey babe, why are you crying?"

"I missed you so much! I thought you were suppose to be home for another 3 weeks?" He wiped the tears off your face and gave you a kiss on the lips. You kiss him back, his tongue trailed across your bottom lip and you let him in. You broke the embrace you were in.