Chapter 13

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Your POV:

I woke up to Audrey shaking me awake.

"Good morning, (f/n)."

"Morning, Audrey." I yawn.

"Let's go eat breakfast and then help Eric with the stables like we said we would."


I change into riding gear.

We walk down to breakfast.

"Maid Dombegh, what's for breakfast?" Audrey asks.


"Yum." We both say and then giggle.

We sit down, and begin our meal. 

Maid Dombegh hands me the book on my actual history and being Doug's sister.

I thank her.


When we finished, we wasted no time going down to the stables to meet up with Eric.

He sees us and is shocked, but that's soon replaced with a smile.

"Hey, girls, you're early."

"Early bird catches the worm." I shrug.

He smiles at me.

"Hey, so... We can start to clean their stalls and finish by noon, hopefully."

"Sounds great. Let's get to work."

We do, and as inticipated, we finish by lunch.

Maid Dombegh brings us one sandwiches and we sit in the blistering waves of the sun.


I walk back to the tack room, and wash my hands...

Eric soon comes in behind me as I wash my hands.

"So, (f/n), I was wondering if maybe you'd like to hang out."

"I'd love to hang out... First, I have to tell you something."

"Go on."

"I'm Dopey's daughter. Rumpelstiltskin took me away because Dopey is dumb (means he can't talk) and I was born five minutes before Doug, so I'm not a villain... Also, I have a boyfriend."

His face falls.

"Oh. I'm glad to hear about your family not being evil, but I kind of had this crush on you."

"Audrey noticed. I'm sorry."

I hug him.

"Can we at least be friends?" He asks.

"Of course!"

Audrey walks in. I nod to her to not say anything. She keeps her mouth shut and washes her hands.

We walk back out.

"Alright, so now we can get the horses some oats and hay and clean their water."

"Sounds like a plan."

We do just that.

I do the hay and oats, Eric dumps the water out, and Audrey fills them back up.


Eric waves me and Audrey off as our carriage pulls away.

He still seems upset, but not as much.

We sit back in silence for a minute before Audrey speaks.

"So, what happened between you and Eric?"

"I told him I had a boyfriend. He said we could just be friends and that he did, in fact, have a crush on me. I also told him about my father."

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