chapter 14

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Meliodas pov.

We knocked on the huge doors. It opened to see the puppeteer. We all drew our weapons. Elizabeth ran up and gave him a huge hug. He was darker than night. Did he even have a physical body? HIs smile grew wider as if it couldn't go wider already. All you could see were his eyes and smile.

We were all shocked by this action and hesitated. She gave him a huge kiss on the check. I got a little jealous. Did our kiss in the forest mean nothing?Damn HIM.

"We are going to have a celebration. " She said happily but we still couldn't see her eyes.

I went up to move the hair out of her face so i could see her eyes. So i walked up casually like nothing happened.

" For what" I was an inch from moving the hair before she smacked my hand.

Everyone gasped. Except for Gowther. I looked at them and they nodded.

Everyone knew at that point that was not Elizabeth. The puppeteer noticed and stood in front of Elizabeth using HIS hand to move the hair from her face. Of course one eye was still covered. But her eye was fine. Her eye wasn't dull. So why would she smack my hand?

I was mad at her for letting him do things she hasn't done to me, but i couldn't stay mad at her.

She lead us to the dungeon of the dungeon.

" this will be your rooms" SHe said and pushed everyone but me in. The dong nguyen was sealed with a magical lock. Merlin couldn't even break it.

" Meliodas-sama you will sleep in the tower." She said with a harsh voice.

"I would rather stay with them, Elizabeth, thank you" I said. To be honest I was kinda scared of her right now.

"CAPTAIN BEHIND YOU!" everyone yelled.

Damn it ..... I thought as i felt a force hit me in the head. Everything went black.

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