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Pen Your Pride

First Kiss

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Orlando rushed into the dorm; Adrian looked up and was shocked to see him worried. Orlando looked at him serious, "I need you to do something for me." Adrian looked at him with equal seriousness "What is it?" Orlando grinned at him, "I need you to kiss me?" Adrian fell backward off his chair "Hold the fucking phone, you want me to kiss you?" Orlando grinned a little wider "Well, I need you to be a little more convincing." Adrian raised an eyebrow "What do I get out of this, why I'm I doing this again?"

Orlando frowned "Well, there's a girl, who can't take a hint, I told her that I had a girlfriend but she wouldn't believe me, she's on her way here." Adrian sighed "Alright, fine"

Orlando smiled at him as he gripped his shoulders and pulled him closer to his body. Their noses were inches apart, Orlando tilted his head sideways, and he kissed Adrian on the mouth. He forced his tongue into his mouth; his hands ran around his hair. He tugged at lightly; Adrian pushed him up against the nearby wall and kissed him along his neck. Orlando let out a fake moan, "Yeah, baby right there." Adrian smiled against his lips and grabbed him below the belt.

Orlando groaned and ran his hands up the back of Adrian t-shirt, feeling his tense muscles. They slid down to the floor. Adrian was on floor; Orlando ran his hands all across his chest. He messaged his abs and ran his tongue across it. Adrian let out gasp and Orlando gripped his head and crashed his lips against his once more. Suddenly the door crashed open behind them; Adrian raised his head at the slutty girl near the door. "Doesn't anybody ever knock?" She let out a gasp of surprise and ran out the room; Adrian smiled as he heard her screams in the hallway.

Adrian pushed Orlando off of him, and got to his feet. He turned to see Orlando grinning at him from the ground. Adrian rolled his eyes "Don't be so smug, that wasn't a real kiss, I still like girls." Orlando smiled "I don't know you were getting really into it." Adrian smiled back, "Did you feel me get hard?" Orlando got off the floor and brushed his pants off. "Thanks by the way."

Adrian frowned "Don't get all sentimental about it, it wasn't even a real kiss; you know as well as I do that kissing a guy doesn't make you gay." Adrian went off to the bathroom; Orlando looked at him as he was headed to the bathroom. "What are you doing?"

Adrian paused before he closed the door, "To wash the taste of your tongue out of my mouth." He slammed the door behind him, He heard Orlando laughing at him from outside the bathroom. He picked up his toothbrush and scrubbed at his teeth and the inside of his mouth thoroughly. He grabbed the mouthwash and gargled and spit, he shuddered and then exited the bathroom.

He saw Orlando sitting on his bed looking at him; He went to the door and closed it. He sat back down on his bed and stared up at the ceiling.

Then he turned to meet Orlando's gaze. "What are staring at?" Orlando smirked "Nothing, I'm just thinking." Adrian turned on his side and ignored him. He was awake for a long time, he waited for sleep but it didn't come.

He sighed and got up, and went to the bathroom, his eyes were tired in the mirror, his hair was messy and he was sweaty.

He sighed and stripped down to his underwear, hoping it would be enough. He climbed back into bed and fell into a restless sleep.

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