When you hug them

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Tamaki: Tamaki will almost always accept a Y/n, hug. There's barely ever a time he doesn't want one! He will most likely wrap his arms around you in a tight embrace, you having to beg him to let go when you need to leave. But his hugs are very gentle, and warming.

Kyoya: he will be very surprised and taken aback, especially if you are crying. But he will eventually return the hug, but he would be a bit blunt when it comes to hugging. Why? He probably doesn't want to add to how red his face already was! XD his hugs are a bit different from Tamaki's. YOU are actually the warm one XD his hugs are very cold, yet he has a delicate touch.

Mori: he will most likely still be emotionless, but he would hug back. Although, his hugs would be very gentle. Why? He's probably afraid of straining poor Y/n! Adorkable amirite!?

Honey: The lil' Lolita will most likely giggle and hug back. His hugs are very kind and gentle, as if you were hugging a small child. Plus, you get to smell him. He smells like cake and babies :3

Hikaru: will most likely be stubborn and try to take you off. But don't let him! If you wait a little longer, he'll calm down and he'll probably hug you back. His hugs are the kind that make you feel loved, and happy.

Kaoru: Hah! What's better than a red-faced ginger boy!? He will most likely be surprised, especially if you don't give him a warning before hand. But he we always hug you back. Much like his brother, his hugs make you feel loved, but they also make you feel protected considering how tight his hold will be.

Haruhi: I feel as if Haruhi's hugs are very gentle, yet firm. She seems like the kinda "take it or leave it" attitude when it comes to hugs, as in she doesn't mind getting hugs or not getting hugs, but with you? It's a whole different story. She really likes it when you hug her, and although she isn't really one for PDA, she doesn't mind it if you want a hug or something in public, and usually she does so with a smile too. Her hugs would make you feel protected, and remind you of how much she loves you.

If you find anything in any of my chapters offensive, don't hesitate to tell me, lovelies!

A/N 3/17/21: I'm going back through the chapters and trying to add Haruhi for this book as often as I'm able to! I'm also attempting to change any non gender neutral pronouns because we don't Stan heteronormativity in this house

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