chapter 18

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Jade's p.o.v 

I had Perrie's plan set up in my head trying my best to stop being so nervous as my mam drove me to the cafe near the beach .(Perrie was secretly taking me on a date) :) "so who exactly is your partner on this project?" She asked. I gulped down the lump in my throat "Perrie."My mam breathed out annoyed by my answer my mind filling with doubt she wont belive me. "Why Jade I told you, you cant see her anymore." She said suprisingly calm and I got a bit more comfortable "You said I couldn't see her relationship wise but not school wise." I took in a sharp breath the silence taking over us ."Smart ass" I heard her mutter. I cracked a smile. "But I still don't trust you I'm going to make sure it's only school wise." I nodded "Go ahead she foud someone new anyway." I tried sounding bitter and what seemed like  a second of guilt flashed on my mothers face for a bit but she just continued driving. I got a text and immediatly knew who it was 

pez <3 

everythig good ? 

me: yeah everythings set get ready im coming 

pez <3 

;) got it  


Perrie's p.o.v 

So the plan was to act like I found someone new (Eleanor) since Jade's mam thought I was gay -_- After a bunch of bickering we finally got Eleanor to agree to be my fake girlfriend for a while. She thought me and Jade were officially over now. Let's hope for the best. Icould see Jade and her mom pull into the parking lot of the cafe in clear site.I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket 

jadey :) 


I smiled grabbing Eleanors waist pulling her closer. She looked at me confused for a second but then rolled her eyes. "You owe me for this." she said angrily. "Shut up and act affectionate." i joked. She rewarded me with a smack in the back of head and looked at me with a fake smile on her face. I rolled my eyes rubbing the back of my head well that hurt. I saw Jade and Mrs.Thirlwall's eyes glued on me and Eleanor "Now" I said signaling the plan to began. I grabbed her waist making it seem like I was giving her a hug but she grabbed my face kissing me right on the lips. Well that escalated quickly. I stood there not really kissing back and could feel Eleanor starting to get annoyed She began kissing me a bit rougher and jumped wrapping her legs around my waist. I held her bum supporting her up but was a little caught off gaurd and stunned so i fell backwards with her on top of me straddling my hips letting her lips go to my neck kissing it a little rougher then we planned it to be. I shut my eyes trying my best to act like i actully liked Eleanor . I heard footsteps coming towards us and a cute voice I loved so much say "Watch it Calder she's mine." Eleanors lips left my neck. She looked at me a sarcastic smiling spreading on her face as her hands were on either side of my head propping her up."Affectionate enough for you babe." she joked I just noticed my hands were still on her bum . I blushed deeply pushing her off as Jade came into my sight she lended me a hand helping me up . I smiled and hugged her kissing her temple as she let go of me but kept her arm around my waist and nuzzled her head into my neck causing me to grin she was so cute. She turned to Eleanor a smile on her lips "Thanks for helping us ." She shrugged returning the smile "No problem." But she brushed past me whispering "Wasn't the best kiss I've had" i smirked at her flicking her  off.  She rolled her eyes playfully at me before she left. 


Jade's p.o.v  

Before she broke up Perrie and Eleanor's kiss 

Perrie explained to me that Eleanor knew about before we actually started dating. She was the only one we could ask to help us since Jesy completly hated Perrie let alone want to be a fake girlfriend. 

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