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you guys are awesome and almost gave me a heart attack when i checked the reads. 115! i started writing at one today and it was at 75 i think. that's forty reads in four hours. doesn't actually look like a lot now.

anyways, ill be posting the sequel soon. its called superman//jasper hale [3] (although im thinking of changing the name, but what do you think?) as soon as i finish writing the playlist, i already have the songs picked, but i might add some in as i go like i did with this book.

bumper cars//jasper hale [1] completed

little do you know//jasper hale[2] completed

girl on fire//jasper hale[3] completed (previously known as superman)

the main song of this book is little do you know by Alex and sierra. i set up the playlists so the first song is the one the book is the main song. check it out, its a good song.

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