Introduction: Story Reteller

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I have a whole neighbourhood of stories in my head, stories with morals and lessons which I have heard over the years and which I pass on to others or remember for myself at moments when I'm lost and need some direction.

Some of them are Jewish folktales, some are Buddhist, some Christian, and some cross cultures. Some I can remember where I first heard them and some I can't. I assume that all are in the public domain and that I will not harm anyone by retelling them once again.

My parents loved telling stories, and "jokes" which were really stories. The "punch-lines" of these jokes took on a life of their own, so my mom would often just say that one line instead of telling the whole story, confident that I would get her meaning. I usually did.

They say God created Man because God loves stories ... *

Today is a dark day in my city and in my life. I've gone too far into the woods to find my way out easily and I'm on a path which is not well-traveled. But I believe that there are answers, and I believe that just because I don't know why something happens, that doesn't mean there isn't a reason for it.

And even that line is probably from a story which I was told ...
*The book's title is the title (and the punch line) of one of the stories which I have included.
A/N: look behind the image at the top of each story - I'll be hiding songs there.

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