The date

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2 weeks later.


I get to school late and its raining. Fuck I can not win today. My alarm didn't go off then all the hot water was gone so my shower was cold then I had to rush out the shower put on clothes. Bailey took my car so I had to walk here then it started rain. By the time I get to school I'm drench flushed and cold as hell. I make it to my locker. I look a mess. I know that sounds girly but I do. My hair is curly and tangled and not flat like I had it this morning. I search my locker to find brush and brush through it. It hurts like hell. I get the curls out so now it bushy. I pull it up in a ponytail. My black shirt is drenched and along with my grey pants and my red shoes are all soaked. I sigh close my locker and turn to see Nick. Okay this bitch hates me. I roll my eyes.

"Snowflake how you doing" he smirks. I keep walking he grabs my shoulder and shoves me against some lockers. I make my expression blank or he will see me getting pissed. The reason I don't fight them is because that will be seen as low on my part since I'm white. I just look at him.

"You too good to talk to people bitch" he spits. I just stare in his eyes. This guy hates me with a passion but he doesn't even know me. He hates me because of stereotypes because of my skin pigment. It amazed me how many people had that same look in my eyes.

"What you retarded or something" he asks getting a snicker out his niggas.

"No" I say.

"Yooo she talk doe she talk" he says. That irritates me honestly.

"But for real though you act like u don't speak I'm glad you learned too." he says. I laugh a little.

"What so funny bitch" he asks pinning me against the locker.

"Yo breathe smell like you ate ass this morning" I say. I laugh. I know I pissed him off. I felt him grab my hair and slam my face in the locker.

"Bitch" he says and them he kicks me in the stomach. I laugh a little I've had my ass beat worse than that before. They walk off and I prompt myself against the locker. My body heats up and I know I'm pissed. I'm fighting the urge to go after dat bitch. I don't like being hit that shit bring out anger that use to get me in some fucked up situations. I get up finally as the bell ring and start to walk out. I need to get home real quick. I stop by the bathroom and check myself. I feel a sharp pain in my nose and lip. My nose was bleeding. Fuck. I grab some tissue and hold my head back. My glasses are cracked to. I take them off and put them in my pocket. I hope my back up glasses. I start to walk out but Miranda catches me. Shit.

"Hey babes I ain't see you in first and second period" she says. I turn around.

"What the fuck happen to your nose where is your glasses Adrian" she asks. I can see her getting pissed off.

"Nuntin I got her late must of left dem at home" I lie.

"Bullshit who did it Adrianna forreal doe tell me because some nigga bout to get dealt wit."

"Nothing I'm skipping"I say and start to walk off.

"Was it Nick? Adrian" she asks automatically jumping to him. I groan.


"Miranda don't worry bout it I'm good ma but for real I'm bout to be out you coming or not" she asks. See she pissed I can tell because her grey eyes are stone like. She doesn't lash out on people because she knows she don't stop......I don't got dat self control. I walk off and find Nick.

"Miranda wats good cutie!" he says. My anger boils.

"Bitch don't be fake did you put ya hands on Adrianna" I ask turning and pointing to Adrian who has her head down. Her nose is still bleeding.

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