Chapter XX- Beginning of Chaos

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"It is time, my friend." Her ghostly, venomous voice whispered out. "We must begin... It will set things right." Her thoughts only circulated on the sweet smell of a burning planet such as Coruscant. The Chosen One, Darth Sidious, the Senate and the Jedi will all perish. It was amazing what luck THEY had—all those people on one planet. THEY had only planned to kill the Chosen One and their former server Sidious, though now THEY were going to wipe out the entire Republic, and with only the sheer power of the Dark Side Force. Years and years of training would finally pay off. Most said it couldn't be done—destroying a planet with the Force's energy; tearing it up from the inside, opening up the lava core, cracking the ground with monstrous 'quakes, sending the fiery heat raining towards the ground—yet she would prove them all wrong. She would kill them all. Those people wouldn't stand a chance up against Operation 3473.

"I have sent the Togruta back on a ship to Coruscant. She is unconscious, though hopefully will arrive in time to see the planet in flames," He's masked face had a beaming sinister smile behind it. "That is if she isn't burning with them."

"Good. But let's not worry about her. Coruscant is at most importance." Thinking about the soon-to-be screaming people made her exhilarated. If she had a heart—like humanoids—she was sure it would be pumping blood filled with adrenaline.

"Of course," He replied.

"Now, shall be bring the apocalypse down on Coruscant?"

There was no answer aloud, though she felt his connection to the Dark Side strengthen, pour through his form, give him power. She did the same.

Together THEY became enriched with the Dark Side, growing more powerful every second that went past. Focusing on their anger for Sidious and their hatred for the Chosen One, THEY sent painful, deadly, flames that engulfed the planet. It looked like lava; hot, crimson, burning, consuming, blood lava.

The fear from one-trillion people filled their minds and gave them the strength to continue their apocalyptic attack, but unknown to them... a final hope to save everything and everyone was rising from the ashes.



THEY have started to attack Coruscant using the Dark Side to kill... Basically everyone! Will they succeed with their despicable plan? What will happen to Coruscant is THEY do? What is this final hope?

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~The Padawan's Padawans~Remember Me Again~Heroes of the Galaxy~Conflict of the Orders~Desert Slave and Scavenger~Human Togruta~Apocalyptic Galaxy~Serenity is Lost~

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