Part 08

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"And you never thought it necessary to tell me?" RK furiously asks her.

"Huh? Tell you? Why should I tell you?" Madhu asks him confused and RK's mouth drops open in shock.

"What?" Madhu asks him as he remained silent.

"You didn't think it important to tell me?" RK asks her shocked.

"It was not my place to tell you."

"I trusted you with my sister and you think it is not your place to tell me?" RK asks her furiously.

"Your sister is not a baby! And for the record, I was her best friend even before our relation began."

"So you will keep things from me?"

"I didn't say that."

"Then what do you mean by that?" RK asks her hands tied at chest.

"I didn't mean anything. And why are you dragging our relation into this?" Madhu asks him offended.

"I am not dragging it. All I am asking you is that why you never told me that my sister was seeing someone?"

"Because it was not my place to tell you!" Madhu replies irately.

"So... if from now on I start keeping things from you because it is not my place to tell you then it is fine?" RK asks her angrily.

Madhu looks at him in shock wondering what to reply because the truth was there was no right answer to that question.

"I thought so." RK tells her in a mocking tone.

"Why should I say anything between you and your sister?" Madhu asks him angrily.

"Fine!" RK says furiously then he turns to Trish and tells her, "I want to meet him and till I meet him, you won't be meeting him."

"She decides that." Madhu says outraged.

"I thought it was not your place to talk between my sister and me." RK reminds her arrogantly.

"It's not that." Madhu replies uncomfortably.


"If someone tells me that I shouldn't talk to you, so I should just stop talking to you?"

"I don't know, Madhu. It depends on who is more important to you." RK tells her with a shrug.

"You are behaving like a stupid stubborn kid!" Madhu says furiously.

"Both of you stop! Please don't fight because of me!" Trishna says upset.

"You call him and tell him I want to meet him. NOW!" RK orders her.

"I love him, RK." Trishna tells him.

RK nods and calmly tells her, "I understand that. I just want to make sure he is worthy of you."

Trishna smiles at him. "He is."

"Call him and let me know where and when." RK tells her and walks out without looking at Madhu.

"What do you think might have happened?" Trishna asks Madhu worriedly.

"I have no idea. He left in such a bad mood." Madhu replies. RK was angry at her and didn't even pick up her calls.

"What if he doesn't like Mukund?" Trishna asks her worried.

"He will." Madhu replies confidently.

"I hope so." Trishna replies as she messaged Mukund. The last message she had got from him was when he had messaged that RK had reached.

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