Chapter 31: The Fight

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Oh my gosh, you don't even now how sorry I am sorry for not uploading in so long! I just got more into Harry Potter than Twilight, and I started writing a fan fiction for that. Again, I'm so sorry! Here is the next chapter! Sorry this chapter isn't the best, but I found it really hard to write without magic and wands xD. I hope you like it though!

~Chloe's POV~

Auntie Rose and Uncle Em are spending time together in their room. Jasper and Edward are sulking, along with Addie, Esme, and Nessie. It's sad that my own sister doesn't believe in me. I know that we will all survive if everyone follows my plan! The only ones who are not sulking right now, are Bella, Auntie Alice,Grandpa Carlisle, and I. We are actually in the living room playing UNO. I got bored, so they agreed to play. I was surprised that Carlisle and Bella agreed. I already knew that Alice would. She is always up for games.

I feel confidant about this fight. No mater what, I wont let anything happen to my family. I have learned to be brave from Jasper, and I plan to be that way for the rest of my life. I will protect my family and make them proud. Them before myself. Always. I look at the clock on the wall.

"Time to go." I whisper. Carlisle, Bella, and Alice nod.

"I will go get the others." Alice says.

Ten minutes later, all the covens and the werewolves were in the field, the Volturi only a few minutes away.

"Just follow the plan, okay? You have to trust me." I said to everyone as the Volturi approach, along with the newborns.

"This is for Aro." Caius says evilly, and all the newborns jump out at us. I grab Addie's hand and we force the shield out around us.

Here we go...

I watch, smirking, as everyone on our side looks around, wondering why the 50 plus newborns are attacking the air around us.

I let go of Addie and walk towards one of them. He has a big build, possibly bigger than Emmett. His side burns are big and fluffy. I laugh and everyone looks at me like I'm crazy.

"Dude, look at this guys sideburns! Look how fluffy they are! They look like mini cats glued to the sides of his face!" I giggle.

Addie and Alice couldn't help but crack a smile.

I nodded at Addie and felt the shield back up a little, to where I was standing on the outside.

I jumped at the big guy and we tumbled backwards. I ripped his head off with my teeth and chucked it at some female who was attacking the shield. I disassembled three more newborns before looking back at my family, who was still in the shield, and said, "You know, I could use a little help here!"

My family all pounced on the surrounding vampires.

I noticed my sister trying to fend off at least twenty newborns , and getting tired. I watched horrified as one of the vampires broke through the shield and grabbed Addie's arm. It gave a horrible crunch and she screamed. I saw red. Nobody, and I mean nobody, hurts my sister.

I wasn't really aware what I was doing. I was standing there one minute, and then the next minute, a fire breathing dragon made of blue fire was eating the enemies. Even Addie looked shocked at me. She didn't know I could do this, I didn't know I could do this. It felt good, like I was letting all my anger out, everything that upset me.

Once I calmed down and gained complete control of it, I made it slowly snake over to Caius.

"You have bothered my family too many times. You have hurt my family too many times. You didn't honestly think you would win, did you? Our whole family is made out of amazing people with extraordinary gifts. And you? You're nothing. You hide behind an army, too afraid to face anyone. Too afraid to get your hands dirty. Too afraid to put your life on the line. That's all you are, an afraid man-no, you don't even have enough humanity to be a man-a cockroach, would be more suitable." I said disgustedly between clenched teeth. I realized that what I was going to do next didn't need the dragon. I held out my hand and felt the flames suck back into my palm.

I reached out and quickly forced him onto the ground. I made a shield hold him there, and laid on the ground in front of him so that we were face-to-face.

"I will see through to it that my family stays safe. Always." I whispered to him, before touching my fingers to my lips and blowing a kiss to him. A kiss of fire. I got up and watched him burn. He was gone. My family was safe.

I looked around and smiled. No one was dead. They were staring at me a little funny, but they were fine. Mum and Dad were helping Addie with her broken arm, and all the couples in the family were hugging and kissing each other.

Even though my plan didn't go exactly as I wanted, it still worked out just fine.


Geez, I didn't realize how short this was...sorry...

I didn't like this chapter, I feel like it could have been a lot better, but I was really struggling with this...sorry this fight scene sucked...oh well. Maybe I will rewrite it another time.

Don't take this book out of your library yet though, there are a couple more chapters I need to put up.

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