Without Him

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~At the Mystery Shack~
It had been two days since Dipper had left. Mabel had slightly gotten over, the fact that she couldn't always be with him. Ford started coming out of the basement more often, mostly to check up on how the girl was doing. Stanley took Mabel and her friends out, every Friday, for icecream.
Today was Sunday. It was late at night, just after eleven o'clock. The only girl in the house, sat on the floor of her room, drawing and talking to Waddles.
Mabel stayed quite normal and joyful when she had someone around, but as soon as she was all alone, she thought of how much she missed Dipper. If his name was even mentioned to the girl, she would have a breakdown.
"Hey Waddles, want to go down stairs?" Mabel cheered, not even fazed by how late it was. The pig squealed and got closer to her. "Alright then! Let's go." She said, picking up her pig and going down the steps. Mabel was greeted by the faces of both her Grunkle's. "Mabel, what are you doing up so late?" Ford questioned, standing up from the kitchen table, where he had been working. "I couldn't sleep so I've just been drawing, but that got boring quick so I came down here, to see what you guys are up to." She answered. "I know you might not want to Mabel but to have to go to bed, or at least try to." Stanley explained. The girl sighed. "Fine..." Mabel grumbled, and climbed back up the stairs, Waddles still in her arms. She crawled into bed and snuggled up to her pig. "I wonder what Dipper is up to..." Mabel whispered, then started to tear up, before crying herself to sleep.

~At Dipper and Bill's Castle~
The next morning, the two men where outside the castle, standing on the flower covered, grass. "Ok Dipstick, we know you can summon objects with ease and float without even having to think twice, but let me tell you... You have ALOT more power than you may think." Bill said, his golden eye flashing blue. "Like what...?" Dipper asked. "Well another power I forgot to mention I gave you is, the power to posses people." The demon said and smirked evilly. "Bill if your asking me to posses someone, the answer is no." The teen huffed. "On come on kid!" Bill exclaimed and nudged him. Dipper shook his head and turned, to face away from the dapperly dressed man. "Fine, be difficult. I just won't tell you all the other abilities you have then...." Bill snickered. The boy looked over his shoulder to see the demon standing right behind him. "Wh-who am I possessing?" Dipper said, falling for Bill's bribe. "That's a good boy..." The man in all yellow whispered in the boy's ear, then chucked.

~Back at The Shack~
Mabel had just woken up. It was about lunch time and she was starving. Mabel slowly scooted out of bed, only to realize Waddles was gone. "Waddles...?" She called out, lazily. Mabel went out of her room and climbed down the steps. She looked out a window to see Stanley, reading the newspaper on the front deck. Ford was nowhere in sight, indicating he was probably in the basement. Mabel walked sheepishly to the kitchen and got some Mabel Juice. She drank the liquid slowly, until she started to feel energized. Feeling more awake, Mabel went outside, juice still in hand, and found Waddles sitting on the deck with Stan. "I thought I told you not to let him outside." She scowled. "I didn't, he followed me." He replied, slightly removing he attention from the newspaper. "Are you drinking that nightmare and coffee hybrid?" Stanley asked. "Yup!" Mabel answered cheerfully, then picked up her pig and stumbled back inside.
The girl's belly grumbled once again. "Better get some food too!" She giggled and ran into the kitchen, once again.
A little while later, Mabel was making a 'Mabel's Guide To.' She was filming up in her room, with Waddles. "Ah... Mabel!? Ford!? I think your gonna wanna come see this!!" Stanley yelled, from the deck. Ford stumbled out of the basement, with a gun in his hand. The girl jumped down the stairs and stood at the door, with both her Grunkles. They stood there, looking outside the front door. Mabel pushed in front of the two men and was amazed by what she saw. "Oh. My. God!"

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