Chapter 6

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I woke up and quickly grabbed a silver baseball bat from my closet.

I slowly creeped up to my bedroom door and slowly opened it. I walked towards the kitchen to see the fridge door open, sending light across the room.

I could hear the sound of munching behind the bench near the fridge. I looked on the couch to see if anyone was there but there wasn't. I was terrified but I still continued to walk slowly towards the kitchen bench to see what was there.

I peeped around the corner only to step on a creaky floorboard which grabbed the things attention. I still couldn't see it but when it lifted up its head I saw a girl. Well, the back of a women's head. She had black hair and a long black cape that went down to her ankles.

I walked to the side to see what she was eating on the floor- only to see myself. Eaten from the stomach with my eyes still open. I gasped and held my mouth as I was extremely confused and terrified at the same time.

The head of the women tilted to look at me. I was just about to look at her face to see who she was but then...


"Ohh dayamn, you just got DES-TROYED!"

I awoke from my nightmare to see Joyce in front of me acting like a gangster.

I took a deep breath of relief and got up knowing thankfully that I was just dreaming.

It was 8:00 in the morning and we just ate breakfast so we could go explore outside the city and begin our adventure.

"Wait. Guys, so what are we doing first?" Joyce said looking up at the ceiling to think of something. Which reminded me. We hadn't even thought of anything. Woopsie!

"Well I think that it would be a good idea to head down to the nearest grocery store and pack our packs with food and things useful for hunting and stuff like that." Hayley said making food her biggest priority.

I went towards one of the cupboards in the hall and opened it to grab out 5 camping bags. Don't ask why I have so many, I just do.

I handed them out to everyone and we began filling them with some clothes and knives. I saw Joyce sneakily placing in some books from my bookshelf into her bag, along with a bible.

We didn't place much in our bags knowing that we would travel down the shops soon, but once we all grabbed what we needed- I went back to my room to grab the Jesus Christ cross. It was real silver and I have had the necklace for years, I knew that it would come in good use. Vampires burn when a silver cross touches their skin, well at least on the movies.

Everyone exited the front door excited to begin the new adventure. I had one last look inside to take in all the memories I had inside this place.

We left the door, and as I looked back at the house, I knew I would remember the place that was once my home. I took a deep breath and exhaled loudly, and I knew that I was ready to let go.

Our new adventure of our lives had begun!

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