Finding Qadr Sneak Peek

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Here is a small sneak peek into the wonder book that will be Finding Qadr In Sha Allah!

(For those of you who read Skript, it is the same one there, but you can read it again to gain reads and votes and comments! ^_^)

Finding Qadr, Freddy's journey will In Sha Allah be coming out following the completion of my book Unlocked Hearts. (And no I don't know when I will finish that lol)


..."Here we have the almost extinct long haired Houssami asleep in his natural habitat. Let's see if we can get a closer look!"

"Hana, get that stupid camera out of my face!" Houssam Shaykh grumbled, trying to pull the blanket up over his head so that his wife wouldn't be able to get yet another picture of him. She had to have over a million by now! But much like Hana had done every morning since the morning after their wedding, she ignored him, stretching out over him completely to try and get a shot of his face. And much like it happened every morning, she lost her balance, and started to fall over the edge of the bed. And just like every morning, Houssam had to loop his arm around her waist, and pull her to safety, scowling at her as she raised the camera directly into his face, and took a picture.

"Ooh that one is for the front page of the Times!" she exclaimed gleefully, turning the camera around to show it to him. "I can see the headlines now! 'Star of the Knicks Secret Life!' she said with a giggle, and he glared at her.

"Why? Why must you torment me so? It isn't enough that you have to keep me awake all night with your kicking? You have to wake me up at an unholy hour shoving that camera into my face!?"

Hana's response was to take another picture of him, and as the flash went off, he hit her in the head with her pillow.

"You are so annoying! So help me I am going to take that lens and throw it out the window!""

"You would never do that!"

"I would so!"

"Would not!"

"And why is that?"

"Because you love me!"

"I do not! You're annoying! And please get your knee out of my ribcage," he said with a groan, "you're killing me over here!"

Hana jumped up so she was sitting on his stomach, her legs stretched out on either side of him, and as she began to scroll through the blurry shots she had taken of him right before she had started to fall, and right as she was falling, he started to run his fingers up and down her legs, causing her to laugh.

"Stop! Houssam! Stop it!"

"Why?" he asked, trying to sound grumbly, but his usually smile beginning to surface.

"Because! You know how ticklish I am!" she protested, trying to push his hands away, and he ignored her, continuing his attentions to her legs.

"That's what you get for waking me up so early!"

"Houssam, it's eight o'clock, it isn't that early!"

He groaned, and gripped her ankle with one of his hands, putting his other arm over his eyes.

"It's even earlier than I thought!"

"Don't be a baby! Get up!"


"Get up now!"

"No! Go away!"

"I will not!" she tossed the camera onto her pillow, before placing her hands on both sides of his head, and kissing him on his cheek. "Mmmm, come on Houssam. Get up habibi."

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