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Part 14: A Shift in the Air

“Aarrgghhh! Hindi na naman ako makatulog!”

Sarah screamed into her pillow. She has been trying to make herself sleep for the last 3 hours or so. She looked at the clock beside her bed and groaned. It’s 6 in the morning yet she’s still wide awake. She had tried to do all tricks that she has in her sleeves to make herself fall asleep.

She already drank warm milk, counted sheep, forced herself several times to yawn so her brain would relax and would make her feel sleepy (read it from a trivia book), played her eyes out on her iPad games, listened to mellow music and other things but to no avail.

What’s keeping her up and awake at this time of the day (or night)? Everything! She sighed deeply and tried to remember what happened earlier. Since she could not sleep, she’d rather go through the previous days' events.


She looked at her phone for the nth time. They are busy taping for the Battle Rounds of The Voice. She couldn’t understand it herself, but she has been looking forward to any form of communication from Sam. It has been 3 days and she hasn’t received anything from him – not even a simple text of “Good Morning” or “Good Evening” like she always gets from him.

I wonder why. It has been almost 3 days since the last time I heard from him. Wala naman akong nababalitaan na nangyaring masama (Lord, wag naman po sana). Ay ano ka ba Sarah. Kung anu-anong iniisip mo. Busy lang yung tao. Walang nangyaring masama don. Otherwise, dapat may narinig na ko o kung ano man.

But still.. She sighed.. He could have at least texted me…

Ay, makulit lang, Sarah! Boyfriend mo? Makapag-alala lang, wagas? She silently castigated herself.

“Uy Sars!”

“Ay peklat!”  

“Hahahaha. Until now, expression mo pa rin yan pag nagugulat ka.” Toni smiled at her and sat down beside her. They are currently on a break from the Battle Rounds’ taping. For today, she is sharing her dressing room with Toni and the other staff are on a quick lunch in the cafeteria.

She just gave Toni a sweet smile and stopped playing songs from her iPad.

“Lalim ng iniisip natin ah. Problem?” Toni inquired. She noticed Sarah heaving sighs from where she was standing near the stage. So she thought might as well go to her. She might need someone to talk to.She thought.

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