I was completely shocked that he actually went through with it.

Zach: I just threw my life away...Robert you're buying me a new phone.
Robert: Make me.
Zach: Do you really want me to make you?(he said while standing up and making his hands into fists).
Robert: NO NO NO, I'm just playing ill get you a new one!

Zach then got a bottle to spin, it landed on Austin.

Zach: AUSTIN! Truth or Dare?
Austin: Dare.
Zach: I dare you to.. To prank call your manager.
Austin: What no! Choose something else!
Zach: No. Now get to it.

Austin groaned then dialled his phone and put it on speaker phone.

Rocco: Hello?
Austin: Hey this is sherif Greenswood, I was calling to tell you that you owe the state 2million dollars for illegally signing some gay singer.

He changed his voice so Rocco didn't know who it was.

Rocco: Gay singer?
Austin: Yes, he goes by the name of Austin Mahoney.

By this time everyone was cracking up.

Rocco just started laughing as well.

Austin: Sir this is a very serious matter. He's very gay and you signed him illegally.
Rocco: Who is this? (He said while laughing over the phone).
Austin: Sir I said it was Sherif Greenswood, are you deaf? Why do I need to be fucking repeating myself?
Rocco: Is this Robert?

Austin started laughing then tried talking like Robert.

Austin: Haha yeah I was just messing with you

Roberts mouth just dropped

Robert: Austin the fuck

Austin: Well I gotta go because Austin is calling me so bye.

He then hung up while Robert got up and punched Austin's arm.

Austin: Do you want to start something?
Robert: Nah I'm good, it was just a little pay back for what you just did.

Austin: Okay let's see who's next! (He said while spinning the bottle)

Austin: Ooooh it's Alex's turn!
Alex: Yeah yeah
Austin: Okay Truth or Dare?
Alex: Dare.
Austin: I dare you to...

He then whispered into Alex's ear.

Alex: But-
Austin: Hey you picked dare.
Alex: Ugh.

Zach: What was the dare?
Alex: Austin dared me to dare Dani to lick his abs.
Me: How about fifty shades of no.
Austin: Was that a statement or a question?
Me: How ever you want to take it. (I said annoyed).
Austin: Calm down there blue eyes.
Me: Shut up. Now I'm not doing that dare so you can choose something else for Alex to do.
Austin: No, now Alex go ahead and dare her.
Alex: Umm Dani I dare you to lick Austin's abs.. (He said quietly, a bit nervous).
Me: That's cheating.
Austin: No one assigned rules Miss know-it-all.
Me: Well I'm just not going through with that.

Alex got up and went to the side of me and spoke to me under his breath.

Alex: I fucking payed you so do it.
Me: You set me up didn't you?
Alex: I didn't.... But Austin may have..

I looked back at Austin and he had a smile on his face.

Austin: Okay let's do this.

He walked over to a table and laid flat on it while saying "Im waiting", god I hated when he said that. I remember him always sticking those two words together.