"So do I. Let's meet again sometime?" You nodded. "Yeah.. See you." She left him as she flew as she heard the gossips as she got in the demon's side.

"Father.. I'm very sorry for bei--"

"How dare you!" He slapped you hard making your eyes wide through your father's action. "You didn't do what I said! You forced to let the angel talk to you! You were forbidden to talk to any angels!"

"But father--"

"You're such an idiot child avoiding my orders! You didn't even manage to brought that child to evilness!" He shout as he slapped you again. You're eyes started streaming in tears again as you felt a pain through your wings once again. "Ugh!" Her father stopped as she saw her daughter in pain.

He smiled, "You'll receive that pain once you did a wrong thing, useless demon." He walk away as he laugh evilly through you. "You'll never be an angel." He left you at the dark clouds.

"Why.." She swallowed all what she wanted to say in the end she keeps on crying on the corner. Forbidden to move again.

But she remember what the angel said to her. To stay strong of what the angel means. The demon smiled as an ache from her heart was shrinking in pain. She stood up and flew once again avoiding the rumors she heard from the demons.


Its been long since she avoided her path just to follow the help of an angel. She avoided to stay on the darkness, she stayed at the other world with the angel. They always smile and laugh but her wings were starting to fade as she didn't notice.

"Nagisa.. Aren't you a girl?" A sudden question slipped your tongue. "A girl? Do I looked like a girl?"

"Of course you are. You're blue hair is proving that you are." Didn't have choice, but admit the truth.

"I know its long but it doesn't mean I'm a girl." He looked at the demon as he sweat dropped. "Eh? I thought of you as a girl when I met you."

"Well.. I'm used to it." He smiled. "Since its you I feel so warm, I couldn't explain."

"What are you talking about?" Asking the him he looked away as you noticed his cheeks were burning red. "Nothing.. I didn't knew I would say that. Never mind me (first name).."

"Aren't the angels.. Forbidden to talk to demons?" Your smile fade away as you asked that looking at the river of nature. "Aren't they.. Laughing at you?"

"We were forbidden to talk to some of the demons.. But you're different from them. You chose the path where you shouldn't be and I was glad you're here with me.." His voice were soft as he mumble his words louder than expected. "I-I mean.."

"So you avoided your father to chose me?" He shook his head. "I never wanted to avoid my father since he was our only family.. And I talked this to him and just smiled at me as he pat my head. I know his words he couldn't express but I believe that he cares about me so he let me be. But of course he didn't let me go."

"Didn't knew that you talk that much when it comes to explaining." Giggling as you held his hands and squeeze it. "I'm sorry.." Looking in his eyes, he stared at you blankly.

"I'm sorry for being.. With you."

"Why?" He tilted his head in confusion. "I.. I think the other angels were avoiding you because of me."

"I don't care about that.. All that matters that you're here with me.." Your eyes widen as you felt his lips on yours as he closes his eyes making you feel your heart race even more. He let go and smiled, "I was forbidden to fall in love with a demon.. Yet I fell to much that she's an angel."

"Huh?" Your wings started to shine as you felt a pain at your back. Screaming in pain, he was worried. He thought of a thing to ease your pain and that's to kiss you.


"A dream.." You sat up on your bed and look at the clock. "6:00?!" Noticed that you were about to be late you get up out of the bed and fix yourself.

Rushing towards the stairs as you get up at your new school, you accidentally bumped into someone. "Hey! Watch where you're going!" You shouted as you caressed your forehead.

"I'm sorry.. I accidentally.." He paused as his eyes widen looking at you. Pissed at him you didn't accept his a hand and stand up by yourself. "Tsch.. I'm late." You didn't even bother to look at the person, you hurriedly catch up at the class and greeted everyone.

The Blue haired boy was stunned seeing you again. He smiled as he entered the classroom. He saw you looking at the board, stubborn. He walk towards you with his warm smile. "Nice to meet you.."

Looking up, your eyes widen in surprise that he feels like you had saw him somewhere. But you shrug it off and rolled your eyes. "Its not nice to see you. Go away. You're blocking my view."

He giggled at your stubbornness you look at him. "What's you're problem? Are you crazy? What are you giggling about?"

"I found you too cute.." He straightforwardly said making your eyes widen. "Just go away. If you just wanted to know my name, its (last name),(first name). (First name)."You repeated it with a glare then as you look at his eyes it really felt you have knew him before.

"Who are you?"

"Shiota Nagisa," widening your eyes once again, you met that person in a dream. "Nagisa.." Whispering his name once more you look away as you remembered a scene from your dream making you look away from him as you blush.

"Right.. Shiota, just go away. I don't need anything from you."

The angel made you came back to the reality, and destined to meet him again once more in the human life.

😈Demon to Angel😇

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