➳ unum

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Trapped in a wrecked cell, it wasn't her body, it wasn't her soul. Her head kept reasoning and she knew she was breaking, she didn't know where to go. The cell was an illusion of thoughts bounded by a nearly impossible freedom. She misled an image of potential into fear that she would crumble.

Family and friendship, love and happiness has lost its meaning in her disillusioned eyes. Like an archeologist who dug artifacts from the barren land, she scavenged for truth she could not find. Reasons and interpretations were the definitions of men, for decades and centuries, words and symbols became a trend. I am lost, and I do not understand. I am lost, tell me where I am?

Eyes shut and longing for sleep, her fingers ran along white pages of paper stained with tears she would weep. She had no reason to cry, but she did anyway. She wasn't sad nor was she alone, yet an empty hole and a voice with no tone.

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