Chapter One Hundred Forty Six

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Anora was resting outside as the warmer months were coming to the sanctuary. The dragons were all out and about trying to find the best place to warm themselves, as well as establish their new territories. Mating season was just around the corner again and Anora hoped that Roscoe's waiting had finally paid off when it came to waiting for Norberta. It would be Norberta's first mating season, if she chose it to be, and if the female dragon was smart, she would be thrilled that Roscoe had an interest in her still. Because there were plenty of other female dragons waiting in the wings to mate with Roscoe.

She was lying on her back soaking up some rays when she felt a shadow cast over her. She opened one eye to see an owl coming in. Of course, the poor bird looked as though he was about to have a heart attack. Which was incredibly plausible since he was flying through a sanctuary full of a dragons that could easily make him an afternoon snack.

It dropped a letter down by her, and quickly settled down beside her for safety, hooting in a panic manner.

"Relax." Anora said petting the head of the owl. "You're fine here, friend."

She recognized the owl as one of the frequent ones that Tonks would send with a letter from back home. She opened up the envelope as she sat up, however, sitting up wasn't becoming so easy for her either. She placed her hands on her stomach for a minute as she sat up with a deep breath.

"Good..I hope you're cozy in there!" she called out.

However, a wide grin grew across her face as she focused back on the letter.

Only a few days ago, she and Charlie had been able to discover the sex of their baby. Of course, Charlie had made the mistake of informing his mother of what they were doing, which led Molly to become somewhat crazed wanting to know the sex of the baby. But just like how they handled most things, Charlie and Anora wanted it to remain a surprise for their families, a big surprise.

Family members were already placing in their bets, the majority of them seemed to be set on her having a boy, as if Molly didn't get her fill of boys enough.And if the sex of the baby wasn't driving everyone crazy, they seemed to debate over the hair color constantly.

At that point, Anora was just hoping for a dragon so that everyone would shut up.

The letter was from Tonks as she expected and of course, poor Tonks seemed to be having her own trouble at home. Tonks had confided in Anora about her developing feelings for Remus Lupin, otherwise known as Eleanor's father. But it seemed the man was not returning the feelings, bringing the young Auror's mood down drastically.

"Who's the letter from? I hope it's not from Mum again." 

She turned around and saw Charlie approaching her. She smiled and shook her head. 

"No, it's from Tonks."

"How she doing?" he asked sitting beside her.

"Unfortunately, not much better than the last time she wrote us." Anora sighed. "I feel so bad for her. You know, she's always been so good at giving us advice...but I don't know what to tell her."

"Maybe she should just move on from him..." Charlie shrugged. "I mean, no offense to the man, but he's like a decade older than Tonks..I mean, it's not like Tonks can't find someone her own age."

"But it's not about her finding someone her age, Charles. She doesn't just want someone her age, she wants him. Plain and simple."

"He has a child." Charlie pointed out. "And need a remind you, she's not much younger than us. She was still in school when we were in school...I don't know that just seems a bit weird to me. He's a nice guy and all, and Eleanor's nice too but..let's say they do get together...Eleanor's step mum is going to be only a few years older."

"Oh will you stop looking at the negatives." Anora told him before hitting him in the face with the letter. "She's in love with him, like madly in love with him. Enough so that she doesn't care that he is a werewolf, and the fact that he has a daughter. Tonks would make an amazing step-mother to Ellie...think of the positives!"

"Fine, I'm positive...positive that it's still going to be weird."

She plucked him on the nose.


"Tonks was our biggest supporter before we even realized our feelings for each other. Now that we're together and happy, don't you think we should support Tonks while she tries to find her own happiness?"

Charlie looked at her before sighing.

"You're're right. I support Tonks, in whatever relationship she wants to pursue, I just don't want to see her get hurt is all."

"Werewolf or not, if he hurts Tonks, I'm kicking his-"

"Anora,'re pregnant..try to keep your stress levels down-"

"Fine, fine, I won't do it...but I might send Roscoe to send him a message from me. You know, just a little friendly reminder-"

" threatening using the dragons. Remember, Lupin's on our side."

"Not if he hurts Tonks."

"You know that it's not his fault if he doesn't share the same feelings for Tonks."

"That's absolute rubbish and you know it! How could anyone not love Tonks...she's incredibly lovable."

"I'm just saying-"

"Well, I'm not listening anymore!" Anora said clapping her hands over her ears.

Charlie turned to the owl that was still resting.

"Can you believe it? " he pointed in Anora's direction. "This one is going to be a mother."

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